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25 November 2013

that's what girls worry about, right?


also, did you hear that they killed off brian last night?

10 December 2012

29 September 2011

oh, gmab, NJ trainsit...

Slippery Rail Conditions May Cause Train Delays
September 29, 2011

Autumn’s falling leaves and wet weather have the potential to cause “slippery rail delays,” an age-old problem that affects all railroads in the Northeast and other parts of the world where deciduous trees are prevalent.

Slippery rail condition occurs when falling leaves are crushed by train wheels.  The decaying leaf material creates a slippery, oily residue that coats the rails, resulting in poor traction for trains. 

Slippery rails can make it difficult or impossible for the steel wheels of a train to maintain traction and operate normally.  This condition is similar to the wheels of an automobile on a sheet of ice; the tires may turn but, without traction, the car won’t go very fast.  Unfortunately, a train that encounters traction problems is delayed and can cause delays for the trains behind it, as well.

Doing Our Part

NJ TRANSIT aggressively fights slippery rail conditions with several countermeasures, including:
  • Deploying AquaTrack, our high-pressure rail power-washing system that runs along the tracks
  • Tree trimming and leaf removal near rail lines
  • Strategically spreading sand on the rails in advance of peak periods
Despite our best efforts, the combination of wet conditions following the leaf-fall period may result in traction problems and delayed trains.  As a result, customers may wish to allow extra travel time when traveling during the fall season.

We appreciate your understanding. (via)

sounds like they need to strategically spread sand on their vaginas in advance of peak periods, amiright?!!?!?!?!11

19 July 2011

19 August 2010

song of the summer

thx nicolette!

19 March 2010

told y'all.

the san diago state whale's vaginas got their lunchboxes packed last night. it was bruce pearl's birthday, too!
and congrats to georgetown for losing and making our second round game just a little bit less stressful.

also, i saw a guy proudly wearing a bright orange 'tennessee alumni' jacket this morning. GO VOLS! 

09 March 2010


lindsay blohan is suing e-trade for 100 million doll hairs because, as she alleges, they besmirched her already toxic name in this super bowl ad (she thinks she's the milk-aholic lindsay):

yeah, lindsay, this is the incident that has destroyed your good reputation. not the fact that you couldn't keep yours shit together enough to film all those (likely terrible) movies back in 2007, or that you got like a million DUI's, or that you flashed your vag to the whole f-ing world at least two or three times, or that 'disatrous' emanuel ungaro collection you advised. No, this is what did it.

what's most annoying is that lindsay lohan thinks she ever reached the plateau of one-name-celebrity, and that she's still relevant enough to be the punchline of a super bowl add.


24 February 2010

potentially NSFW

last night i brought you the pajama jeans. this afternoon, i'm bringing you another harbinger of the end of times; vajazzling. have you ever stared down at your freshly waxed, pre-pubescent looking vagina (looking at you starla) and thought, this is missing something...sparkly! well fret no more. now you can walk your tacky ass over to one of completely bare spa's many locations in NYC and have some swarovski crystal rhinestones adhered to your pubic area, 'cause why not?! (there are infinite reasons why not).

thanks emily!


27 January 2010

"growlers have been around since christ was a child."

that's what she said.

Growlers — 64-ounce glass vessels that look like a moonshine jug — have become the beer accessory of the moment. And the jugs, filled at taps in bars and stores, are not just the toys of the bearded, flannel-shirt, beer-geek set. (via)

21 January 2010

20 October 2009

hey ladies...

...are you plagued with guilt over all the needless waste you create because of your 'woman's problems', 'the curse', 'nature's abortion', your 'monthy visitor', your 'aunt flo'. well guilt-be-gone! NaturallyHip of etsy has an answer for you! cLoTh PaNtY LiNeRs!!! and 'wet bags' to store your used liners! yeah, that's right, just carry that shit around in your purse all day until you're ready to go home, wash, and reuse, again, and again, and again. doesn't that sound like fun? it'll be just like little house on the prairie!

fyi, NaturallyHip is no longer accepting custom orders. sorry all you wide set b's!

13 July 2009

what a waste.

jicydak, the virgin megastores in nyc are closed....leaving in their wake a sea of absolute desolation and hopelessness, as well as some wasted points.

john: btw, i guess my virgin megastore V.I.P. rewards cars is useless now
me: omg
i just pulled mine out of my wallet and put it in the throw away pile
seriously, like 10 minutes ago
that is so weird
john: i was organizing my wallet this morning when i got to work!
me: omg!
john: i was 17 points away from a reward
thanks a lot, dick branson
what a dick
me: totes
lets see how close i was
10 pts!

more like virginA megastore!

24 April 2009


for g.animalz.
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