06 September 2010

is your favorite puppy having a great labor day?


the bike song

ive got bikes on the brain today. i found this awesome community bike shop in memphis called revolutions bike shop. it was started as a program to get bikes to underprivileged kids, but now it has grown into a full community embracing shop with bikers of all ages and abilities participating. you have to volunteer for 10 hours, and pay a suggested membership fee of $40 bucks, and then they teach you how to rebuild your own bike to keep. they provide the space and tools, and by the end you know how to make the minor repairs and maintenance to keep your bike on the road. im going to take a bunch of old bikes from the garage down there, and see if i can volunteer and rebuild one for myself. ill let you know how it goes.

A unified theory of New York biking

linked from the article, "Why Do New Yorkers Hate Cyclists." Basically, the idea is that bikes should generally behave more like cars, and pedestrians should be far more aware of bikes on the road.

It is clear that it is possible for bikes, cars, pedestrians, and other modes of transportation to coexist, and it is kind of sick that there aren't better American examples. Why can't we all be a little more Dutch?

kylie minogue :: get outta my way

@kylieminogue : You need to know that all the incredible lighting happens in REAL TIME, not in post production. Live projections by Frieder Weiss!!!!

oh man.

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