11 January 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal thinks Natalie Portman has "amazing eyebrows."


i liked him better when he was straight.

ricky martin's music when he was straight:

ricky martin's music now that he's gay:


baby gay is getting the message early

thanks for sending in thomas' baby pics ole mrs. wilhelm. via.

it's here!

iphone for verizon! they will be available on february 10. sign up here to get updates on how to get one on february 3 (if you're already a customer)

how exciting!

Beyonce and Kanye go crazy backstage

playing connect four.
these two need to get themselves under control before its too late. via.

make sure you read the caption


more david bowie. you're welcome!

david bowie - modern love

cuddle pup makes kitty biscuits


i thoroughly enjoyed my stint as an auburn fan last night. thanks for repping the SEC well, war kitties!

read this please:
The champion of the SEC has now won the last five national title games. That's pretty astounding.
What's more astounding is since the beginning of the BCS era, the SEC champion has won seven of the 13 BCS title games. That's one more than half of them so far. And they've done it against the champions of the Big Ten, Big 12, ACC and now the Pac-10.
But perhaps the most astonishing feat of all of that is the depth. Since the BCS era started in 1998, a total of five DIFFERENT SEC teams have won the title. That would be Tennessee, LSU (twice), Florida (twice), Alabama and now Auburn.
That means that almost HALF of the teams in the SEC have won the national title since 1998. Given there have only been six teams outside of the SEC winning the title, that means the SEC has had roughly as many teams win the national title as ALL OTHER CONFERENCES COMBINED. (via)
get ready for the VOLS next year!
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