13 July 2011

he is saying, "i have extra nipples"

according to thomas wilhelm, and the rest of the internet, zac has extras. check it out.

what today is like.

thx melissa! (much delayed)



the USA ladies advance to the world cup finals, which are sunday at 2.45pm!

last day at the folk art museum

Narrated slideshow of the waning hours of the American Folk Art Museum's 10-year residence in its headquarters on W. 53rd St., New York, about to be purchased by the Museum of Modern Art

sherlock holmes 2!

i quite enjoyed the first one, and am looking forward to this sequel. just love RDJ so much.

eric berry very scary

remember that scandal about eric berry and the porn party? it wasn't true, but he did do some late night 6.9-ing recently. go vols.
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