07 June 2011

zomg jellyfish!

AWEsome article in the times about jellyfish. did you know that jellyfish aren't so dumb after all? did you know they decide which way to swim? did you know some jellyfish can live in freshwater? did you know jellyfish talk to each other with their skin? did you know they have four different kinds of eyes? did you know one kind of eye has a crystal in it? (spoiler alert, retroactive)
Writing earlier this year in Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews, Dr. Albert summarized his behavioral observations under the title “What’s on the Mind of a Jellyfish?” to which he answered, “a lot.” Brains and beauty, and campiness, too. Among the jellyfish on display in Baltimore were ones that looked like beating hearts, others like spotted toadstools, still others like parasols with a few too many ruffled streamers, and this one over here would make a swell hat for a royal wedding.
“They’re living lava lamps,” said Jack Cover, general curator of the aquarium. And they’re so mesmerizing to visitors that, Mr. Allen said, “the jellies are right up there in popularity next to the dolphins.” Which is a good thing, considering that the infrastructure needed to keep the tender-fleshed sylphs hale and whole can cost millions. “Keeping jellyfish is a fine art,” said Vicky Poole, the exhibit manager. “It’s a little like maintaining phlegm.” (via)
does anyone want to go to baltimore?

arizona's on fire.

More than 2,500 firefighters were combating the blaze as of Tuesday morning, officials said. Four structures had been lost, but hundreds more were threatened.
“It’s hard to breathe,” said Judy Cline, who runs an antiques shop in Greer and was packing her possessions into her pickup truck Monday as the winds whipped and the smoke rolled in. “It’s like a thick fog. You can’t see anything.” (via)


another mediocre track from beyonce's upcoming album. this one's called "party", was produced by kanye, and features andre 3000. sounds good, right? well, it's not very. listen HERE.

i'm starting to get worried. lovin' that cover art, though, b!

RIP mike hamilton

good riddance, idiot. thanks for ruining everything.


thx bun-bun.

go vols

hamilton, out. i'm not convinced this will solve all of our recent woes, but he has been the one constant in our current lackluster and troubled athletic era. here's to the vols and all of our championships we're gonna get over the next hundred years. which is about 100 championships in every sport.

5 years ago today...

...joel and i pulled up to 242 east 3rd street in a uhaul, and look at us now! to celebrate, why don't you share a favorite nyc moment with one or both of us, downstairs in the comments. happy 5-year NYC annibearsary, everyone us!

colbert on palin's revere account

really great. stick around til the end.

oh this?

nothing, just a chilean volcano! i heard there was ash raining down onto argentina. that's where lilly is!

RIP shrek

world's wooliest sheep, at 14 bears old. ;(
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