22 January 2012

Paul William "Bear" Bryant is Spinning in His Grave!

This is some week-old news, but it seems when Bama fans aren't destroying public property, Bama alumni are sexually assaulting unconscious strangers in public.  I can't say I'm surprised.  This quote from CBS 42 in Birmingham sums up the incident using an excellent choice of words [emphasis mine]:
It all stems from a video that went viral showing [Brian] Downing and friends abusing a passed out LSU fan in a burger restaurant on Bourbon Street after the BCS game. Downing's companions performed a series of pranks on the passed out LSU fan and then the man identified now as Downing proceeded to drape his scrotum on the man's head...that led to the sexual battery and obscenity charges.
Here's the NSFW video:

CBS 42 also gives us some insight into who Downing is:
So who is Brian Downing and how did he find himself with both notoriety and a possible lifetime designation as a sex offender? He's married with a wife, a (sic) child. He's already been fired from his job with Hibbett Sports. And he has a second cousin who’s the sheriff of Russell County...Russell County Sheriff Heath Taylor recognized his cousin in the video and told him to come on down to the county jail. After checking with New Orleans police, Downing drove to New Orleans to turn himself in.
Fun Fact : Deadspin is reporting that one of the other "gentlemen" in the video is the son of the sports director at the CBS affiliate in Mobile.  So there's something to be proud of all around.

If you want more details on this story, Deadspin has plenty of thorough coverage.

I said it once, and I'll say it again; it's time to DIG HIM UP...F HIS CORPSE!

never forget

joe paterno: urpdate

He died. Kylie called it. The real question is, does this change the inquiry into whether he could have done more to stop the sexual abuse that took place under his nose?

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