29 November 2013

kathie lee & hoda: spit or swallow?

kathie lee won't participate and hoda won't swallow (bit starts at min 5)

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happy black friday ya'll!

27 November 2013

i want to be just like robert wilson when i grow up

twin shadow covers U2's "with or without you"

not bad.

better stock up on your sriracha

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge believes that the humans of Irwindale, California, are more important than Sriracha, the life-giving hot sauce with the comforting rooster on the bottle. That judge ordered the company that makes Sriracha hot sauce to shut down its Irwindale processing plant, which local residents say produced fumes that burned their eyes and throats. (via)

this little kid knows funny


old timey thanksgiving parade baloons

you guys, i'm really in the thanksgiving spirit this year. how about you? here are some old photos of parade balloons that some assert are creepy, but i think they're GREAT!

ashanti has a new single - "i got it"

this teaser trailer was crackin kylie's shit up last night

26 November 2013

who is that with martha stweart? oh it is pitbull

The meal isn’t over when I’m full. It’s over when I hate myself.

How excited is everyone for stuffing your face on Thanksgiving? I know I am!!!!!!!!

PS: The post title is a quote from Louis CK, that everloving chubby ginger.

happy birthday tina turner

the truth is out there

daily ri ri

rich juzwiak tackles one of the most important issues of our day. Ree-anna, or re-Ah-na?

dogs having the MOST fun

are you #teamcaramel or #teampopcorn

This is the White House version of the Hunger Games. President Obama will only pardon one turkey.

25 November 2013



stop what you're doing and think about this

you want this.

thomas wilhelm stumbled across this questionably styled furniture item for sale. did you want to buy a wire-frame side table to be depressed on?

throwing shade at throwing shade

aw jesus h.

More than 1,000 homes in the town of Washington, Illinois, were destroyed this week when a massive F4 tornado ripped through the area. Marc Wells owns one of those homes and filmed the tornado bearing down on his house, creating a record of what it was like to be inside the structure as the storm demolished it.
Wells's camera goes dark at around 22 seconds in with his house intact, but you can still hear the wind raging outside. At about 1:12 in the video, Wells and his daughter emerge from their hiding place and find the entire place wrecked. (via)
this is crazy, but josie needs to calm the f down.

that's what girls worry about, right?


also, did you hear that they killed off brian last night?

blood orange / dev hynes

THIS article in The Fader is one of the more interesting artist profiles I have read in quite a while. Dev Hynes seems like an adorable kook, and his comments regarding his relationships with Solange and Sky Ferreira are very revealing.

daily ri ri

rihanna and her mother are so cute. via.

Technology Will Destroy Us All

I have been saying for a while now that Miley's entire "edgy" look seems informed by her having joined tumblr. I would say her AMA performance is proof:

It's main feature was a kitty .gif singing and crying (literally) along with her. One problem here (I'm not getting into the cut of that swimsuit bottom right now) is that wrecking ball is kind of an ok song and a "serious" song and the kitty is making it more of a joke, albeit Miley is did much of the heavy joke lifting on this one, but at least it wasn't Katy's faux Japan mess
viz Buzzfeed

doggie death drop

22 November 2013

Starla was on D-listed

ignore that in-focus mess in the foreground and check out that blurry goddess back there.

she is a witness

dont tell her i told you. chances are she will never even see this. (shhhhhh)

Nsikan just got reblogged by Gawker

congrats nscience! (N)Science Watch: How to Kill a Seal

breaking news: katniss and stacy mctrace = disease twinsies

I've always thought I could have been Katniss. So what's the next best thing? Being besties with Jennifer Lawrence. I've now decided from this recent interview with David Letterman that she has Crohn's disease and GUESS WHAT?!? So do I!!!
sorry melissa i had to remove that autoplay video... love you!

we back pat

Want a candle that smells like Kentucky Fried Chicken?

Of course you do. But you can't, because they're already sold out. The online store Kentucky for Kentucky sells a line of candles called "Scents of the Commonwealth," and among such scents are Fried Chicken, Ale8 (?!) and Kentucky Derby. The initial 25 candles put on the site sold out in less than a minute. Then again, this Northerner is pretty sure there's some kind of rivalry between Kentucky and Tennessee, so maybe it's best to leave these candles off Joel's Xmas present list.

Oh and HIIIII! This is flim, Joel's ex-coworker and Joel's current Asian Best Friend.

The Definition Of Terror

Hi All, I'm M.S. De Angelis AKA Ms.Dangels and this is my first post for 2pz!!!
... and in this first post I would like to bring to your attention, dear reader, just one more terrifying thing that white people with money do for "fun."

Maybe it's just me but I find leaning a little too far back in my chair enough of a controlled thrill.

let's talk about Sasha Obama's ASOS unicorn sweater

adorbz. from tPaz

21 November 2013

puppies are the best but kismet is the #bestbestbest

I think it only makes sense that kismet is my first post. Enjoy!

we have the best correspondents on the internet (not you bun-bun)

Did you know that 2PzNaPpod has 10 blogging correspondents in addition to the original Two Peas? Remember G. Animalz' funny and informative animal posts? How could you forget the two iterations of the Threadsecutioner (I already have). DJV is keeping in real in Memphis. ThomasWilhelm is still out there creeping around some dark corner of the internet, but you are better off not getting involved in his sordid browser history. Let's not forget our celebrity star stalker, Starla. For legal reasons she can't post about celebrities, but that's ok. And Bun-Bun.

I want to introduce you to our three newest correspondents. You are probably already familiar with their work:

flim - Faith and I used to work together. She is a sassy and sexy thrifting queen that lives in Queens.

Stacey McTrace - Otherwise known as my little sister Melissa, Stacey McTrace lives in Nashville and knows a thing or two about puppies. #petpetpet

Ms. Dangles - My boyfriend Mike De Angelis is a born and bred New Yorker who always surprises me with the music and videos he digs up. #diversityhire

No really, we love all of our lazy correspondents. Show them some love in the comments and never stop not reading us.
We both hope you enjoy the fresh perspectives!

Joel and Kylie

why is the nashville scene trolling memphis?

betsy phillips, a blogger for the nashville scene, wrote an insulting and inflammatory article that i have reposted below. she is a troll.

So the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being index is out and Tennessee's well-being is pretty crappy. In 2012, we were 47th out of 50 in overall well-being. Our lives suck, our emotional health sucks, our physical health sucks. We don't engage in healthy behavior. Our jobs are crap. And we don't have great access to healthcare. We, in this case, being Tennessee.
But "we" being Davidson County, Murfreesboro and Franklin? That "we" has the 28th most awesome lives of any metropolitan area in the nation. We don't engage in very healthy behavior, but we're doing okay on everything else.
The numbers look even better for us when divvied up by Congressional district. Out of 436 congressional districts, we were 108 in overall rank, 86th in life awesomeness, right in the middle of the pack for emotional and physical health and we have great work environments and basic access to healthcare. We're doing better than Marsha Blackburn's district and it's crammed full of rich people.
But perhaps the real question is what Memphis is smoking. TN-09 is at the bottom of the barrel (429 out of 436) in terms of healthy behavior and their work environments and access to healthcare suck. But they're in great shape and they come in at 32 in terms of emotional health and 38 in terms of general live evaluation. Whatever Memphis is doing to enjoy life, we need to learn it and implement it here.

[Editor's Note: Alternate headlines for this story included ...
"We're Awesome, but We Could be Awesomer if We Learn Memphis's Secrets"
"Memphis Sucks But They Don't See It That Way"
"Cognitive Dissonance On The Mighty Missisippi"
"Memphis Brings Down The State Again, Still Smiles About It"]

record breaking subway day, October 24th

the MTA (which stands for mothafuckas touchin my ass) hit a new record for rides taken in one day: 5,985,311. Apparently Thrusdays in October are traditionally the busiest subway days of the year. via.

Remember as days get colder animals are attracted to the warmth of cars so check wheel arches or other hiding places


look how big this japanese solar power plant is


20 November 2013

18 November 2013

this toronto stuff is getting out of hand

sesame street is killing it lately

the hungry games! joel, you should write for sesame street.

NASA launched a rocket to mars today, no big deal

may the cookies be ever in your flavor

brittany murphy was poisoned to death?

apparently her father has always suspected foul play and had some hair and tissue samples analyzed and the results indicate rat poison. also, her husband died in basically the same way 5 months later. not cool. not cool.

happy #JTDAY

in honor of the Justin Timberlake concert tonight in Memphis at the FedEx Forum, Memphis has officially declared today #JTDay. twerk

happy monday!

thx hannah!


thx ms.dangles

15 November 2013

they put an ice skating rink in McCarren Park and got thomas wilhelm to come out and skate in a fairy outfit for the grand opening!


what kind of accent are you attempting, katniss?

here's jennifer lawrence in her new movie, american hustle.

ctm at "another fiiiiirrrre!"

that fresh solange joint is mad cool

saint heron

this adorable cancer kid had the best day ever

make a wish enlisted thousands of volunteers in san francisco to make him a superhero for a day. wink.

and while we're discussing things you should and should not read:

i know it seems like something you should avoid, and i did avoid it for a couple of days, but my morbid curiosity won out in the end, and i read the nymag "my abortion" feature. i have to say it was quite illuminating and moving at times and only contained a couple of medical nightmares, so i encourage you, especially, to check it out.


whatever you do, do NOT read this new yorker piece about a woman who had a late-term miscarriage while traveling in mongolia. do. NOT. i haven't been able to close my eyes all week.

i clicked on this for the photo alone, but was rewarded with a pretty good article about the man behind the infamous levittown development.

i recommend it to you personally. if you're into old timey new york glamour, the beginnings of suburban development strategies, or falls from grace type stories. CLICK.

tonight is liz herber's going away party (you're invited) and i just know it's going to be exactly like this.

thx ms danglez.

dream puppy

thx mike


thx phil!

14 November 2013


one of my students reminded me of this song today.

13 November 2013

"this video seems funny but IT'S NOT"

Rabbits do Clean themselves and don't have to be washed . If you put them upside down , they will pretend they are dead , because they are scared . This video seems funny but IT'S NOT . It's just an abuse . Instead of offending people that make you aware of this , inform yourselves about animals behaviour . thx mike

kogepan is probably your spirit animal

thx flim

metronomy - i'm aquarius

i think i've found my song of the winter.

the not hungry games, starring shailene woodley as jennifer lawrence


saturn is everyone's favorite planet.

On July 19, 2013, in an event celebrated the world over, NASA's Cassini spacecraft slipped into Saturn's shadow and turned to image the planet, seven of its moons, its inner rings -- and, in the background, our home planet, Earth. (via)

i always loved sleeping beauty because it was one of the disney films that we never owned so whenever i went to someone's house and they had it i just had to stop everything and watch

who wants to go halfsies on a high school?

in this article, the times details how you and i could buy a closed school in one of philly's up-and-coming neighborhoods. here are all the schools for sale. I think we should make it into a bar/hotel/movie theatre like this one in portland. it's time to get serious, you all.

my mom is from germantown. i say we get this one.

12 November 2013

did you know zac efron was on room raiders?


i guess its music video tuesday.

blood orange - time will tell

drake - worst behavior

lilly allen - hard out here

click HERE for phoenix's sofia coppola-directed "chloroform" video.

a compilation of puppies learning to walk

lucius - tempest

thank god

katniss kills everything


11 November 2013

FYI : world's fluffiest bunny


thx flim.

parenting mistakes

don't watch this.


In the winter of 1989, photographer Michael Galinsky began driving across the country to record the seismic change in America's malls: their transformation from the shiny retail palaces of the '80s into something weirder. Then 20 years old, Galinsky began with the Smith Haven Mall in Long Island, and drove west: through Michigan, Illinois, South Dakota, Washington State. His photographs—collected in the book Malls Across America, published this month by Steidl—document a nation that had yet to turn against the mall, and saw its culture play out in the atriums of indoor retail palaces. (via)


entertaining buzzfeed list of folks famous to probably new yorkers only.

thx ms. danglez!

08 November 2013

music minute with ms. dangles

homecoming weekend in knoxville. butt eagle ass!

connecticut things

this tree they just put in Rockefeller Center is from Connecticut. In reverse news, Kylie and Ms. Dangles, and a whole host of your favorite 2pz Brooklynites are all going to Connecticut this weekend to peep leaves and play games and make crafts. Keep your eyes glued to instagram and make sure to like all our instaglams. #wigwamandwhiskers

07 November 2013

everyone remember, valentines day is for robocop

this is totally bizarre.

celine being celine.


kitty swim test

the central park zoo isn't the only place with some fresh kitties. the smithsonian's national zoo in DC put their kitties to the swim test. watch the video to see what happens. thx msdangles

06 November 2013

bo obama

mayor bloomberg is grumpy with new mayor de blasio

NeRd aLeRt!!

usually i am a big fan of any design that comes from the netherlands, but this redesign of the delegates lounge at the united nation seems like a wasted opportunity. there are two beautiful hand crafted window treatments by Hella Jongerius on either end, then they just piled in an array of dutch furniture in between. all this for 3.5 million dollars. not good enough.

more pictures and a description of the design process here

NeRd aLeRt!!

Scheduled for completion in 2016, this tall thin skyscraper by SHoP is just a few doors down from the supertall clunker by Christian de Portzamparc about to be finished on 57th street. This one looks pretty good to my eye. It would be as tall as the Empire State Building (excluding the mooring mast) and one of the skinniest tall buildings in the world at about 58 feet at its widest point.

a really interesting nymag interview with composer Hans Zimmer

basically he has scored every movie you have seen in the past decade. Read it HERE

05 November 2013

btw its stevie nicks tuesday

never forget.

mayor kitty de kitty-o


2Pz is projecting that he's our next mayor. just like we already told you.

nErD aLeRt!

this nymag feature will most likely change the way you think about robert (a.m.) stern:
The architect Robert A.M. Stern occupies a physically impossible position in his profession. As the widely respected dean of the Yale School of ­Architecture, he sits atop an ­academic world that treats his buildings with condescension, which means that the people who look up to him also look down on him at the same time. A typical remark, from Alexander Gorlin, one of Stern’s former students and principal of his own firm: “A whole article just about Bob Stern? Does he merit that?” Stern has been called the Martha Stewart of architecture, a comparison suggesting that he’s selling a lifestyle rather than making art. (via)

sesame street does homeland

this is kind of old but i just forgot to tell you about it until now so get off my back ok?

a long read for you.

nymag published an excerpt from john heilemann's new barack obama book. it is absolutely riveting and i recommend it to you personally.

central park zoo has some new baby big kittens

The Wildlife Conservation Society has some good news: The snow leopard cubs above are the first snow leopard cubs ever born in the NYC Central Park Zoo. The brother and sister, which were born earlier this summer but kept away from prying eyes, now weigh about 30 pounds, but are expected to reach between 65-120 pounds. Their parents are Zoe, the mother (7), and Askai (6), a male sent to the Central Park Zoo from the Bronx Zoo. Both adults are first-time parents. LETS GO VISIT IVE NEVER BEEN TO THE CENTRAL PARK ZOO MS DANGLES IS GOING TO TAKE ME.

the greatest thrill is just being alive

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04 November 2013

i lol'd

the nuggets mascot passed out just before being lowered by harness to the floor.

throwing shade : hallowqueen episode

the video is pretty helpful in this latest episode because there are several costumez.

01 November 2013


...you should have this puppy live cam open at all times. erin macbeth showed it to me.

who's ready?

are y'all excited to see if our freshman quarterback is going to be the new hotness tomorrow night?
“Josh is extremely intelligent, very cerebral,” Jones said. “His recall is outstanding. And then (he has) the ability to make plays. Great feet. I think what he does exceptionally well is he can make the anticipatory throws. He anticipates exceptionally well.” (via)
not much in the way of eyebrows, but he sounds like a winner to me.

what were you for halloween?

I was a creepy olde timey costume.

based loosely on these creepy olde timey costumes