04 October 2012

i did it!

does this remind you of anything?

this is going to make winter so much more exciting!

the weather channel has decided to start namin' winter storms, just like they do tropical storms and hurrikinz!

god i hope we don't make it to xerxes!

actually, it was pretty much just like this.


i missed the debates because i went to go see Pitch Perfect, but is this what it was like?

democrats are adorable

i was just reminded of this while reading this. ceeeyute!

more Grizzlies news: Peyton Manning wants in

Last time we talked about new minority owners of the Memphis Grizzlies, we had just heard about Justin Timberlake buying a piece of the best NBA team in the world. This time word on the internet is that former Tennessee Volunteer Peyton Manning is getting in on the action. Peyton's wife Ashley Manning (nee Thompson) is from Memphis so it isn't totally out of the blue. In order to really compete with the Nets' Jay Z buzz, I think the next announcement needs to be that Juicy J or Gangsta Boo are buying some Grizzlies. Rapper owners.

miguel - do you...

the most important takeaway from last night's debate

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