27 June 2011


oh no. both williams sisters lost today. and so did #1 seed, something wozniaki. so the ladies' draw just got BO-RING. better luck on the doubles court, girls. ;(
on the gentlemen's side, who's still in?
all of 2Pz favorites: feddy, rafa, djokovic, and that scottish idiot, andy murray. (djv, tell everyone your massacre story, so i can make massacre jokes when he inevitably loses another wimbledon!)
who's out?
every american except mardy fish. (?)
right now:
rafa's 2 games away from defeating del potro.
feddy's up two sets to one on some no-name.

and now you're all caught up!

Here goes nothing...

starla's half-birthday wishlist

a state-of-the-art floatin' lounge!


5-month-old Qannik the polar bear is scheduled to fly UPS Boeing 747-400 on Monday to the Louisville Zoo express from Alaska, where caretakers have monitored her since rescuing her as an orphan. (via)
thx melissa!

pey-pey and eli

football cops.

i bet it's never even been inside a 70's brothel.

thx hannah!
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