02 September 2011

get you one of these.

they are $10 and proceeds got the fund alzheimer's research.

thx djvol!


the vols take the field against the montana grizzlies (ikr?) tomorrow, and i just wanted to re-post the culmination of our tennessee football countdown from a couple of years ago, to remind y'all of all the splendor that will be wrapped up in the next 15 or so saturdays. i hope you'll take the time to click each item of the countdown. it will pay off BIG TIME.









V! O! L! S! 

GO! VOLS! GOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

originally published in 2009.

On a Hallowed hill in Tennessee
Like Beacon shining bright
The stately walls of old U.T.
Rise glorious to the sight.

So here's to you old Tennessee,
Our Alma Mater true
We pledge in love and harmony
Our loyalty to you.

By now, Kylie has filled you in on most of the 2Pz top ten things to love about Tennessee football:
10) The Pride of the Southland Marching Band (best band and director, Gary Sousa)
9) Smokey (best dog)
8) rocky top (best fight song)
7) the color orange (best color)
6) Eric Berry (best player)
5) trash talking (best way to turn friends into enemies)
4) Lane Kiffin derek dooley (best new coach)
3) tailgating (best way to spend a saturday)
2) Neyland Stadium (best place to watch a game)

and so, without further ado,

what a task, you know what i mean? trying to express all the value and meaning of the rich football legacy and tradition at the University of Tennessee. the most important thing is the people. alumni and fans drive (and sail) from miles and miles around to be a part of the spectacle. about 2 hours before gametime everyone lines up along the stretch of road (peyton manning pass) between the athletic center and the stadium for the VOL WALK, where they cheer on the players and coaches (dressed in suits) as the team makes its way to the locker room. Its awesome to get the chance to give your favorite player a high five before a big game. the band follows along to pump up the crowd even further.

This all takes place under the watchful gaze of the Torchbearer, holding aloft the eternal flame of service. This statue is representative of a guiding ethos of the University; the Torchbearer's Creed states, "whosoever beareth the torch shadoweth oneself to give light unto others." Another point of interest is to check out The Rock, which will get painted and repainted daily with messages of support, or trash talk, or anything really. Your heart will soar when you join in with 108,000 of your new best friends in singing the alma mater, rocky top, cheering the Vols when they run onto the field, and booing the shit out whatever other team has the misfortune of playing them that day. Keep an ear out for the fireworks that they're going to set off every time we score.

The power T will be in full effect on hats, jackets, shoes, socks, everything, you may even notice some other Tennessee themed attire. Youre going to eat, drink, be merry, but above all, youre going see some world class football. All you have to do to get in on the fun is hide your flask in your underwear, throw on your orangest outfit, scream your heart out, and then go dancin' with your darlin' until the the sun comes up. Just make sure youre ready to do it again in another 7 days.



things are gettin' mighty official over at greenpoint paradise. thx liz!!


san diego has a bit of a great white shark problem at the moment. this is a real ass picture taken just recently!!!!!

more spotify encouragement

i made y'all a friday playlist.
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