03 September 2014

let jazmine sullivan snatch your edges

i said it's GREAT!

i bet this was dr. gary sousa's idea...

The Tennessee Volunteers unveiled a new pre game ritual on Sunday at Neyland Stadium. The Volunteers players and members of the Pride of the Southland drumline performed a “Circle of Life” warmup drill minutes before the kickoff. The Tennessee players circled around the drummers in a synchronized pattern before meeting in the center to a huge reaction from the sold out crowd. (via)

your fortnightly boat

or at least, boat-related...
The recent installation of 216 state-of-the-art electronically-controlled wave boards has made this the most sophisticated scientific wave-testing basin of its size in the world. Scaled-down fiberglass models, cruisers the size of canoes, ride waves that max out at a few feet high. But it’s the motion of the ocean that matters. The hinged wave boards, each with its own motor synced up to software, can precisely recreate eight ocean conditions (from flat calm to typhoonlike) across all seven seas, pushing the water and moving up and down like giant piano keys whose scales and chords are waves.
The Navy tests models in the basin to be sure that billion-dollar ships will float before it builds them, but also to assess whether sailors can launch missiles and land helicopters in particular circumstances, and how vessels handle with a full tank versus running on fumes. Pitch, roll, sway, heave, acceleration, displacement—the calculations alone are enough to make you queasy. (via)
thx lube!

it pains me to admit it...

...but i thoroughly enjoyed this.

sorry starla.

but i'm not sure you anyone can compete with sex incarnate FKA twigz.
According to sources who spoke with US Magazine, the couple is "early on" in their relationship and are "just having fun." As Billboard notes, Pattinson is no stranger to music. In fact, "Pattinson has more than just a fleeting obsession with music." Pretty convenient then that he's (maybe) dating a musician!
The US Magazine source goes on to say that FKA Twigs (aka Tahliah Debrett Barnett) thinks that Pattinson is "unbelievably handsome," which is the one definitive truth in this entire story. The pair were photographed together last week leaving a restaurant at the Bowery Hotel, where they presumably talked about their mutual love for music. (via)

marnie as peter pan

interesting choices!

this is what i always assume will happen when i get in a kayak.

ooohhh nooooooooooooo.

thx brother ben!

best point of the match so fah

secret menu items at chipotle, sbux, burger, and MORE!

this crazy website tells you how to order random shit off the menu at places like starbucks, chipotle, and more. they don't have an answer for getting free extra guac though.
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