04 November 2010

kismet is bringin puppy coats to the streetz!

look at these puppy couture fashions i saw on this website today. i wonder where they got their inspiration? maybe humphrey beargart?

DeeJayVol's speak-es

He goes a little overboard on the Duke gear (we get it, Mike Posner. You went to Duke) but this Jam def. had me dancing in my trailer.

"have you SEEN your show?"

joel mchale comes on to the fourth hour (the best hour) and treats the ladies exactly how they deserve to be treated. hoda and klg respond accordingly. love love love.

gary frick: sniffs butts, sleeps like a frog.

thank you late night puppies.

keekerz speakerz

Heart- Who Will You Run To

this is pretty important.

Today, most kitchen trash bags are white (though the outdoor kind tend to be dark green or black). That stems from a time when most kitchen appliances were white or shades of beige. That time has passed.
While stainless steel is the bigger trend in appliances, black is a bigger deal in trash cans, said Lisa Smith, marketing manager for Hefty waste bags, primarily because black cans are less expensive than stainless steel or chrome. Consumers also find black bags look better with stainless steel than white ones, she said.
Delving deeper, Hefty discovered trash also looks better, or at least less messy, in black bags. (via)
now you know everything.


thx joey.

would you like to see some over-designed nonsense?

here are some new ideas in ways to medicate people who don't enjoy / can't remember to medicate themselves:

this inhaler turns brown as you don't use it, appearing sick and appealing to your caretaker instincts.

don't give an s about others? only about your morning coffee? well this medicine requires a mug-sipping motion. it's just like drinking coffee, except it's chemical air!

maybe you're just in need of a good hobby, but taking your pills isn't what you had in mind? well, this form encourages the user to peel away at layers or medicine, eventually reaching a "goal pill" in the middle!

which one would you be most likely to enjoy using? be careful what you answer says about you!

thx susanne!

what's for lunch?????

salami + cheese w/ mustard on wheat, one pickle, one s-berry + nanners yogurt, and a sprite, oc.


what's for YOUR lunch?

poor nancy pelosi.

i've always loved her. she's strong and fiery and intelligent, so republicans hate her, of course. her leadership in congress has been remarkable, and i'm sad we'll be losing that. this morning, npr did a little biography piece on her.

as per request.

you can take sneakers, and just magic marker your own gingham on there

you can never have too much amy sedaris on your blog.. or hoda. or klg.

john. me and you. beer bottle cap finger castanets. this weekend. see you there.

happy thursday. here is a cat.

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