20 August 2012

queen's corgis bully princess's puppies

a royal cat fight is being reported today between the royal corgis and princess beatrice's terriers. the royal dog boy lost control of the pups during a walk and they ended up biting each other and probably barking up a storm. can you imagine. we also learned that the queen's very first corgi was named susan. ctm.

more info:

Max has been a treasured companion of the Princess, 24, since she received it for Christmas when she was 13. 
The dog featured on the family's 2005 Christmas card in a photograph taken by the Duchess of York. Its picture was also on a £450 handbag that she carried to the Royal Family's Easter service at St George's Chapel in 2004. 
Max disappeared in 2008 from the family home in Windsor Great Park, and a search party, including the Queen, the Duchess of York and Princess Eugenie, was formed. Three weeks later he was found bedraggled and hungry. The royal source added: "It's ironic that the Queen was very worried about Max and helped in the search for him, but now her own dogs have attacked him." 
The Queen owns three Pembroke Welsh corgis called Monty, Willow and Holly, which are all descended from a dog she was given for her 18th birthday, which was called Susan. 
Some corgis were mated with dachshunds, most notably Pipkin, which belonged to the late Princess Margaret, to create "Dorgis". Her three Dorgis are called Cider, Candy and Vulcan.

congrats condi

Condoleezza Rice and some stupid white woman have become the first ladies ever invited to join August National Golf Club, site of the Masters golf tournament. I have always admired Condi and I think she is one of the fiercest of fierce bitches, and kudos to Augusta for untightening their buttholes just a little. Keep in mind that this is the same place that only let in their first black member in 1990. Clearly you couldn't find a woman more comfortable in the company of obnoxious old white men. nytimes. thx for the tip Dr. Holly

this isn't cute at all.

it's just a stupid otter who's too dumb to stack some cups.

srsly, it's skippable.

nothing to see here.

just six little boar piglets that think a french bulldog is their mom.

don't even bother watching, really.
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