13 May 2011

dont forget about the grizzlies game tonight

OKC leads the series 3-2. If the Grizz don't win tonight at home, their playoff run is over.

GO GRIZZ!!!!!!

ooohhhhhh shit.

the weeknd's mixtape, house of balloons (available for free here) is my fave album of 2011 so far. here is the first  video, for "what you need". it looks like a crazy sexy drug party!! nrtsfw.

song of the summer : candidate # 3

look how adorable the internet's latest buzz band, foster the people, is! i almost can't take it.

i really like this song, called "waste".

uuuugggghhh i miss the ROOF.

hey gurl.

lauryn hill stopped by jimmy fallon last night to cover a couple of bob marley's songs on this 30th deathiversary. i can safely say that lauryn hill is about the only person i ever want to hear singing bob marley songs, and that includes bob marley.

your mother's butt.

did y'all notice how blessed we were to have TWO new episodes of parks and rec last night? in my favorite of the two, they all got wasted on tom haverford's new kahlua-like beverage called snakejuice.

here's a gif:

2Pz book review

11 BiScUiTs!!!

everyone's reading it right now. you should, too.

brb outside

after-work edition

last night, i had a hankerin' for some chipotle, so i invited joel to escort me to one. after dropping my copy of hunger games off with starla, i met him at madison square park, which is where this nightmarish sculpture is currently living.

it is insane. i think i like it.

mmmm chipotle.

next, we stopped at paragon sports so i could get some grip tape for my tennis racquet, swiperlady. she looks great, right? orange strings are next. or i might get pink, so she'll match my bike, eric berry. what's your vote?

after paragon, we stopped to check out the new andy warhol statue in union square. cute, right?

our final destination (gulp) was the strand, where i picked up the second hunger games book!

what is holmes doing?!

trying to get adjusted to his new haircute. thx neely!

what is bella swan doing?

making cicada friends!!
and then killing them.

i'm kinda jelly beanz that i'm not in middle tennessee for the 13-year cicadas right now. they were terrifying and hellish and annoying 13 years ago, but still.

thx melissa!

gchatz w/ joel

(colon) how the sausage gets made (comma) an intimate look into the blogging process

as you may or may not know, blogger went down yesterday afternoon, thwarting our ability to tell you about all the great things we like out in the world and on the internet. it's finally back (although it looks like youtube-posts are kinda busted), and here's what you have to look forward to this afternoon.

me: if 2pz wasnt broken i would blog this
Joel: is it still broken?
ugh it IS
i want to write a strongly worded email
me: i know
Joel: poor isabella
no one is going to know about her new trick
me: or her cicada friend / meal
or holmes' new haircute
or my new orange tennis grip
or our after work adventure
or how many biscuits i give hunger games
or that my wire dvd was scratched last night and i didnt get to see the last 30 minutes of the last episode of the entire series
Joel: oh god
me:  oh and i have to post the clip of everyone on parks and rec being wasted
and how on the pulse of contemporary discussion our finger is
Joel: no one is going to be able to see that corgi in the bucket
or the grizzly bears in the memphis zoo cheering on the memphis grizzlies
me: omg i want to see that
Joel: or the booker t washington race to the top contest submission video
that one really tugs at the heart strings
me: im going to post this gchat when it comes back

and we're off!
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