20 December 2011


drunk christmas

thx carly!

what is thomas wilhelm doing over christmas break?

he's undoubtedly engaging in some light pecan thievery:
“If somebody’s hungry and they want a handful of nuts, that’s one thing,” he said. “But this is different. These guys have whole sacks.” 
To protect themselves, growers have installed security cameras. But since most thefts happen at night, it’s hard to identify the culprits. The growers have hired security guards and added fences topped with barbed wire. But the orchards are too large to patrol effectively, and thieves cut through the chain link almost as soon as it goes up. 
Still, pecan thieves are being caught in numbers that are nearly double what they were in 2010. (via)
don't not listen to that song. trussstttt me.

have you seen this? i can't remember




watch the entire season of homeland on showtime ondemand over christmas break!

2Pz movie review

last night, starla took me to see david fincher's version of the girl with the dragon tattoo. i loved the swedish ones so much, and hated that facebook movie so much, that i was worried. but guess what.

i loved it! 11 biscuits!! go see it over christmas break!
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