12 February 2013

did you notice jennifer lopez shoo that crazy guy away from adele during the grammys?

get outta here nut job.

is willy cartier frank ocean's boyfriend?

it depends on who you ask.

frank ocean did instagram some pics of the two of them together, but gay guys are allowed to instagram pics of themselves with other gay guys without that meaning that they are boyfriend and boyfriend. they are probably just boning. anyway, good work frank ocean. twerq it out squirrel friend.


If you were in or around North Korea yesterday, you may have felt the earth move under your feet. It doesn't have anything to do with Carole King's lifetime achievement award, no nothing like that. In fact those feisty communists are conducting some underground nuclear tests. Don't worry though, North Korea has about as much chance of sending a nuclear weapon our was as Iran does at flying that plastic toy airplane they are calling a stealth bomber. Hey North Korea, call me when you get cell phone service. via

g-d is PISSED.

look at Him shooting lasers at st. peter's. thx a lot, ratzi-nazi!

part 2

caffrey only needs two legs


i guarantee this dog show slideshow is worth your time

dont stop clicking
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