26 August 2013

swiperboy - #brickbybrick

he says it's coming aaaaaanytime now. i have a feeling i'm going to like this one. i'll keep y'all posted.

katie and matt and martha stewart

you guys, 2Pz besties katie vance and matt alexander have been nominated for A MARTHA STEWART AWARD!

specifically, martha's 2013 american made award. please go here and vote as many times as they'll let you (you can vote 5 times a day), and pass it along to all of your friends. the way i see it, once holler design meets martha, i'll have a pretty good chance of dining at her house for thanksgiving. i don't think it's unreasonable.

if you don't know that this week is dumpling week...

...on NPR, now you know.

blas was on the radio this morn.

For three and a half years, Bill de Blasio has been the city’s official gadfly. As Public Advocate, his job has been to point out where the city’s fallen short. And that’s been the primary message of his campaign, up until the last few weeks, when he catapulted to frontrunner status in polls. Now, he’s trying to show voters he also knows how to run things. (via)

kevin spacey is on your side.

Leave it to Kevin Spacey, the first actor in the Edinburgh International Television Festival's 37 year history to deliver the keynote James MacTaggart Memorial Lecture, to outline everything that's wrong with the mindset of today's TV execs.
The House of Cards star had plenty of ammunition to demonstrate definitively that the anti-tech approach will eventually result in the old guard's demise, unless viewers are allowed to determine the means of consumption. (via)

american horror story : coven

thomas wilhelm just showed me all the teasers for season three!

who's excited!!?!?

did you watch the VMAs?

here's all that mattered:

if you want to know more, click here and here.

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