21 August 2013

today in, "did you know i'm gay?"

this guy.

important information about your netflix queue

  If you live in the United States and are a Netflix Streaming subscriber, you've long been able to save movies and TV shows for later viewing on your Instant Queue. As of today, there is no longer an Instant Queue option for streaming customers — it has been replaced by something called "My List," in which Netflix's recommendation algorithm organizes your options into the items you are most likely to want to view immediately. The change is an attempt to make life easier for international Netflix Streaming users, who have long lacked an "Instant Queue"–like function. 

If you are a U.S. Netflix Streaming user who (like myself) enjoyed accessing your queue on a computer or laptop and manually managing your list, all you have to do off the Netflix homepage is click on the "See All" link next to the "My List" heading, and then click "Change Order to Manual" in the upper right corner. via

a minor setback

according to today's new york times, 2Pz preferred mayoral candidate bill de blasio is a boston red sox fan for some reason. but none of that matters, because here he is pictured with cynthia nixon. celebs! bring out rojo caliente!
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