28 February 2013

NASA answers all your questions about that Russian meteor

I'm not some kind of paranoid freak, but I do believe that WTC tower 7 was a controlled demolition and I find it very difficult to believe that two space rocks happened to arrive within hours of each other. via


terry gross tuesday

it's not tuesday, but this fresh air interview is not conducted by terry gross, so we'll bend the rules a little.

if you'd like to add a little excitement and intrigue and organized criminal history to your day, take a listen at this interview with the authors of a new book about notorious boston gangtser, whitey bulger. you might remember him from jack nicholson in the departed.

it is pretty engrossing, and you get some really great boston accents, too.

solange was adorable on letterman


27 February 2013

this has 2ooPz written all over it.


NEWSFLASH: is this new williamsburg honkeytonk going to sell bushwackers?

  The garrulous guys behind popular craft beer dive Lucky Dog have branched out with a new joint just a few blocks away on Metropolitan Avenue, in the former home of Bar Berry. Called Skinny Dennis (after a country music bassist who died onstage in 1975 at the age of 28) the bar perpetuates the laid-back yet well-curated vibe of Lucky Dog, but with a honky-tonk theme. Co-owner Sal Fristensky happens to be a big country music fan, and Skinny Dennis will present live music three nights a week, supplemented by a jukebox that spans the spectrum from country to classic rock.

   Most of the beer is domestic, with 18 craft brews on tap, and all of them running about $5. For good old boys on a budget, Skinny Dennis also serves a 24 oz Coors banquet beer in a mason jar for $4, as well as $3 Bud, PBR and Rolling Rock. Or for $6 you can get a delicious and refreshing Uncle Willie's Frozen Coffee, which comes out of the daiquiri machine Mack bought for $9,000. Ingredients include milk, vanilla, sugar, bourbon, coffee liqueur, brandy, Oslo coffee, and another floater of bourbon on the top for good measure. Skinny Dennis serves it in a classic "Anthora" Greek coffee cup, in case everything else in the joint makes you forget you're still in Brooklyn.

I don't know what goes in a bushwacker. who wants to go with me to find out? thx kirby


last year, i learned how to death drop. this year, i'm going to sissy bounce. "spread yo legs, arch yo back, go up and down and make it clap"

today in, "did you know i'm gay?"

did russell simmons just come out of the closet on twitter?

hot air balloon snuff film

there were 19 people in this hot air balloon when it popped. as is the norm in egypt, their souls have been sucked into the pyramids and they are now paying homage to the phaorohs for eternity. two people survived by jumping out. how is that even a thing.

anne hathaway's oscar dress controversy

i knew that people didn't really like anne hathaway's pink prada oscar dress. i thought this was because people just basically don't seem to like anne hathaway (note: i like anne hathaway), or because the chest darts looked like nipples, but it turns out there was more to this story.

anne switched dresses two hours before show time
she was supposed to wear the valentino dress in the middle
she switched because she found out that amanda seyfried's dress was a look-a-like alexander mcqueen
jennifer aniston also switched from a look-a-like nude valentino to a red valentino
seems to me that amanda seyfriend should have been the one to switch dresses to give the future oscar winner her moment in the sun in her first choice dress.
ultimately anne apologizes for switching

omg look at this post

look at all that scribble-scrabble underneath my roommate's photo. 

nytimes trend alert

hey, owls are a thing. NEW TREND ALERT, owls.

     In the Western imagination, the owl surely vies with the penguin for the position of My Favorite Bird. “Everyone loves owls,” said David J. Bohaska, a paleobiologist at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History, who discovered one of the earliest owl fossils. “Even mammalogists love owls.” 
     Owls are a staple of children’s books and cultural kitsch — here wooing pussycats in pea-green boats and delivering mail to the Harry Potter crew, there raising a dubiously Wise eyebrow in the service of snack food. Yet for all this apparent familiarity, only lately have scientists begun to understand the birds in any detail, and to puzzle out the subtleties of behavior, biology and sensory prowess that set them apart from all other avian tribes.

"alright. two clean delicious oreos."

oreo separator machine

26 February 2013

ron swanson and megan mullaly covering "smell yo dick"


animals that are jerks

what is your favorite gif in this list of gifs?

i like this way this raccoon uses his people hands.

thx for the tip melissa

thanks, i guess

Some (not very) prominent Republicans have banded together to make the shocking announcement that they are not in fact in favor of outright discrimination. After homeroom they passed a note to the Supreme Court in support of a lawsuit that seeks to strike down Proposition 8, the California law that the Mormons payed for.

In making an expansive argument that same-sex marriage bans are discriminatory, the brief’s signatories are at odds with the House Republican leadership, which has authorized the expenditure of tax dollars to defend the 1996 marriage law. The law defines marriage in the eyes of the federal government as the union of a man and a woman.

This is what it looks like when you build your house on the sand. nytimes. via.

22 February 2013

first official catching fire poster

Katniss!!! Peeta!!! via

the internet is funny!

here is a video of a girl trying to provide hair curling tips , with hilarious results!

check out this new music video from 2pz friend Deb oh and the Cavaliers

ms. dangles helped


happy friday!

today's spotifriday is called: starla's senior year, and i think you're really going to like it.

I used to enjoy this beverage on Tuesdays at Trio's freshman year of college

long island ice tea really is from long island (of course it is).

20 February 2013

i found this video of a young g.animalz going to the dentist

this kitty thinks there is such a thing as too much of a good thing

thx flim

phoenix - entertainment

new phoenix sounds just like old phoenix.

fortnightly boat.

read this piece about the evils of the cruise industry and the beauty of charleston:
Like several communities that hug the nation’s coastline, Charleston is struggling to balance the economic benefits of cruise ships against their cultural and environmental impact.
Last week’s debacle aboard Carnival Cruise Lines’ Triumph, in which an engine fire stranded 4,200 people in the Gulf of Mexico for five days, has done little to deter those civic leaders who believe that building a new $35 million cruise terminal will be a great boon for this port city. (via)

kristen wiig will play a young lucille bluth.

what a fantastic idea!

wiseacre brewing co.

if you live in memphis you're in luck. friends of 2pz kellan and davin bartosch are all set to open their new craft brewery on broad street this year. the memphis business journal just published a little article you should check out. so excited for the bartosch brothers!

yes yes yes yes yes TLC


VH1 has found its TLC in Keke Palmer, Lil Mama, and Drew Sidora, who have been cast in the upcoming made-for-TV biopic about the iconic nineties trio, the network announced today. Palmer, who broke out in 2006's Akeelah and the Bee and then starred in Nickelodeon's True Jackson, will play Chilli; singer, rapper, and judge on America's Best Dance Crew Lil Mama will play Left Eye; and Sidora, who co-starred in Step Up, will play T-Boz.

what welcome news.

new rilo kiley music

even though rilo kiley isn't even still a band, they have a new record coming out! RKives is a collection of nine never before released songs and some other random tracks. you can listen to one of them HERE and feel nostalgic for your college days when you really didn't have anything to worry about. via

19 February 2013

15 February 2013

today in, "did you know i'm gay?"

professional soccer athlete robbie rogers announced that he was gay, then announced that he was quitting being a professional soccer athlete. hey robbie, nobody cares if you're gay if you're not a professional soccer athlete anymore. now you're just some chelsea queen.

call me.

jonathan groff - miscast - anything goes

my local congressman makes national news for having a secret daughter

He got caught tweeting a beautiful young woman after the SOTU and people thought he was having some sort of romantic relationship with her. Steve Cohen is not married, so there isn't really anything wrong with that, but whatever. It turns out that the lady in questions wasn't a girlfriend, it was a daughter that had been kept secret from him until three years ago! whoa. To make it even weirder, the girl's mother was previously married to Frank Sinatra Jr. and is a defense lawyer in Texas for international war criminals. huh? I vote for this man.

why do so many Russians have dashcams in their car?

have you noticed how many people captured the meteor strike on dashcam? here is why.

deep impact in russia

how amazing

  A meteor estimated to weigh 10 tons and traveling at 33,000 mph exploded over western Siberia in Russia early Friday. The explosion injured some 500 people who were hit mostly by glass that was broken by the boom. The explosion, captured on amateur video, broke windows, set off car alarms, and disrupted cell phone service in Russia's Ural mountains near Chelyabins, Reuters reports. A zinc factory was reportedly damaged by falling fragments

14 February 2013

nytimes gossip about japanese people

Hey Liz, is it true that Japanese people are obsessed with fax machines?

these guys are two peas in a pea pod

thx flim

your fortnightly boat

the world's largest private yacht just pulled up into new york harbor yesterday. this thing is nuts.

  The yacht... is called the M/Y Eclipse, and is owned by Russian businessman Roman Abramovich, owner of Chelsea Football Club. It features 2 helicopter pads, 24 guest cabins, two swimming pools, a few hot tubs, a disco hall, a military-grade missile defense system, and a mini-submarine.

omg that half machine olympic runner killed his girlfriend

remember the one from south africa with machine parts instead of legs? he shot his girlfriend dead. more details, plz.

13 February 2013

nytimes rounds up the westminster best of breed winners

it is truly, truly a delight

now we're talkin'.

it's coming. march 7.

for joel

i knew this was getting posted 5 seconds in.

i just choked on a chip at the second goat.

want to cry into your chipotle burrito?

watch this part of the state of the union, re: gun violence.

state of the republican party



in case ya missed it, all barack obama said last night was that he was turning over all presidential duties to banana joe, the affonpinscher (aka fancy jacky).


12 February 2013

did you notice jennifer lopez shoo that crazy guy away from adele during the grammys?

get outta here nut job.

is willy cartier frank ocean's boyfriend?

it depends on who you ask.

frank ocean did instagram some pics of the two of them together, but gay guys are allowed to instagram pics of themselves with other gay guys without that meaning that they are boyfriend and boyfriend. they are probably just boning. anyway, good work frank ocean. twerq it out squirrel friend.


If you were in or around North Korea yesterday, you may have felt the earth move under your feet. It doesn't have anything to do with Carole King's lifetime achievement award, no nothing like that. In fact those feisty communists are conducting some underground nuclear tests. Don't worry though, North Korea has about as much chance of sending a nuclear weapon our was as Iran does at flying that plastic toy airplane they are calling a stealth bomber. Hey North Korea, call me when you get cell phone service. via

g-d is PISSED.

look at Him shooting lasers at st. peter's. thx a lot, ratzi-nazi!

part 2

caffrey only needs two legs


i guarantee this dog show slideshow is worth your time

dont stop clicking

11 February 2013

by special request

pope benedict xvi quit being the pope today. Usually you have to die to stop being pope. the last pope to quit outright instead of dying was Celestine V in 1294. pope benedict, a former member of the hitler youth, says that he is too old and sick to carry on. he's probably right.

this was benedict xvi's papal crest. stay tuned to hear about the new pope and his crest. (CANT WAIT!)

support your favorite performance artists

ANIMALS Indiegogo from Animals Performance Group on Vimeo.

if you love michael de angelis as much as i do, or if you love me (i'm the set designer for this show) then donate your money and come see it in person!


 click here

how tall is beyonce?

ANSWER: 5'-7"

 i saw this picture of beyonce and something didn't seem quite right about it. she has always loomed larger than life in my imagination, but in reality she is the exact same height as KYLIE!

between two ferns : oscar edition

this is funny.

westminster dog show is happening right now


  Competing at Westminster for the first time this year are Russell terriers and treeing Walker coonhounds. Russells are often called Jack Russells, like the dog on Fraiser or Uggie; the similar Parson Russell terrier, which has a more "square" body, is already a part of Westminster. The treeing Walker is known for chasing raccoons up trees. This is a photo of a treeing Walker sniffing a Russell terrier's butt:


this is what the hattiesburg, ms tornado looked like yesterday

"holy shit"

rihanna's terrible boyfriend is such a pathetic loser he can barely even clap when frank ocean wins the award chris brown wanted

in the stupid white suit.

beyonce march vogue cover

twerk it out squirrel friend

jeez, i wish i knew a papal expert who could comment on today's news that Benedict XVI is quittting the job

does anyone know anyone who knows a lot about popes? or at least someone who cares enough about popes to get a pope tattoo? via

10 February 2013

09 February 2013

amuesment p[ark]yramid!

shot from the new pyramid bass pro shop

Construction continues to transform the 32-story Pyramid into a 220,000-sf Bass Pro Outdoor World that includes a 190-room hotel, 24,000-gallon aquarium, zip lines, bowling alley, restaurants, archery range, shooting range, laser arcade, museum, education workshops, and a lot more! Hoping to open within a year!


08 February 2013

dont even think about taking your lassie skateboarding this weekend

the place is going to be covered in snow.

what happens to the zoo animals when it snows?

well the bronx zoo and the central park zoo are already shut down in anticipation of the approaching blizzard. but the bears like it! via

watch what happens live when matthew terry takes his clothes off

"i know you're not black but will you have a threesome with us?"

07 February 2013

justin timberlake is in charge of bud light (platinum) now.

Justin Timberlake is apparently the new face of Bud Light Platinum, the fancy, "nighttime party drinker" (their words) brand of Bud. Explained the sometimes singer and MySpace investor: "Bud Light Platinum brings a refined, discerning aesthetic to beer that plays well with what I'm doing." It's pretty much impossible to top that sentence, so yeah, what he said. (via)

this famous male model is going to play football for SMU

his name is myles crosby and he is young and hot and athletic and rich. who are you?


Melissa pointed out to me that one of our top footVOL recruits, Jason Carr, went to my high school! Go Vols! Go Spartans! Thx Melissa!

my new sartorial inspiration

an advertisement from Boys' Life magazine, march 1964

2Pz seal of approval : house of cards

joel, starla and i all agree: netflix original series "house of cards" is 11 bicsuits!

watch it!

downton sixbey - now with more puppy butt

brooke shields makes an excellent lady cora

it's hunkerin' time!

gather up your loved ones and head for the hills.

While the forecast is still subject to change, the current indication is that while New England will bear the brunt of the storm’s severity — with more than two feet of snow and blizzardlike conditions – New York City and the surrounding area are also in for a significant hit.
By the time the storm has passed through, sometime on Saturday, forecasters predict the storm will have dumped as much as a foot of snow in the area, while delivering blistering winds reaching 50 m.p.h., and flooding coastal areas.

i am blessed

06 February 2013

the vols got two new quarterbacks today.

the weird looking one : joshua dobbs from alpharetta, GeOrGiA! (highlight reel)

and the ruggedly handsome one : riley ferguson from north carolina! (highlight reel)

we also got a real good wide receiver named marQuez north, with a capital Q. (highlight reel)

see the whole class here.

marc jacobs is in charge of diet coke now

the newly appointed creative director of the brand follows in the footsteps of karl lagerfeld and jean paul gaultier. via.

i follow his young boyfriend harry louis on twitter for laughs.

david beckham looks good while running in underwear

directed by madonna's ex.

here, starla.

here's your dumb boyfriend pretending to be a nirvana album cover for ESPN magazine.

RIP stewie the long cat.

Stewie the Cat, who, at 48.5 inches from nose to tail-tip, was officially recognized as the World's Longest Domestic Cat by Guinness World Records, passed away earlier this week of cancer. (via)



thx nscience!

05 February 2013

this is Tennessee's Rumble Room

a gigantic limestone cavern thought to be one of the largest caves in the US. Another huge thing I have never heard of until today. via

"h" "e" double hockey sticks

it seems like i'm doing a pretty great job down here.
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