05 January 2010

now we know who janelle monae is

thanks thomas wilhelm. turns out the internet already knows who she is.


i was reading this one blog, and there was this picture from this other blog. both posts were about the McBarge, which seems to be the sunsphere of vancouver. left over and abandoned since the Expo '86 worlds fair, this guy used to be a floating mcdonalds. pretty cute. thanks again internet!

additionally, aren't the girly winter olympics coming up?


this lady makes these and i like them. i could see a wall full of them in a bedroom. via

au revoir simone

the other day i watched pee-wee's big adventure and probably enjoyed it more than when i was a kid. large marge is still terrifying. she never blinks.

lost, what you may have missed

carly's post about new tv got me thinking, then i saw an 8 min recap of everything that you need to know to get caught up on lost. i have seen every season, so there were no spoilers for me, but obviously don't watch if you dont want to know.

but get excited, its all about to come to an end.

music news

you know of Montreal have a new album coming out... what you may not have known is who is guesting for a song. SOLANGE!!!! also a girl named janelle monae who i dont know (do you know?) and jon brion is going to fix it all up. sounds good guys.

i love love love solange. her most recent album sol angel and the hadley street dreams is hot2deth. she is such a little r&b indie darling.

holy S.

some crazy b in oklahoma wants to outlaw no-fault divorce among legally married curples. if passed, bill 2279 would prevent divorces based on incompatibility under the following circumstances:

couples with a living minor child

couples that have been together for more than 10 years

instances where one party objects to the seperation

sorry abused moms of 6 year olds, you're going to have to tough it out.


what is kismet doing?

kismet is naturally curious about the internets.


<3 <3 <3 <3 <3!!!!!!!!!!


more like UTAH-rus!!!

am i right?!


i think a bunny died on threadsecutioner's face. beeun + kt, y'all look good. real good. patty, pull yourself together. jesus christ.

do you need a fast puppy?

there have been a bunch of doggy race tracks shut down, and now all the slower fast doggies need to find their forever homes. the fastest fast doggies are probably going to go run in mexico. for their lives.

newsflash, people don't like their jobs

"Fewer than half of U.S. workers are satisfied with their jobs, the lowest level since record-keeping began 22 years ago, said a report released Tuesday."

no shit sherlock.

2sie 2zday!!!

On Saturday an 18-month old golden retriever saved her owner from being attacked by a cougar while in the backyard of their home in Boston Bar, British Columbia, about 130 miles north of Vancouver. (via)

UPDATE (from joel) : look at the image chosen for this story for the commercial appeal. yip.

while you wait...

for 2sie 2zday...watch this.

in related news, g.animalz has got me watching watership down, so be on the lookout for that important movie review, soon to come. we peeked at the first 15 minutes last night, and i was terrified.

omg omg omg

i told you was watching gimme shelter...

well i never expected this, but guess who just graced the screen and my ears with a song.

tina motherfucking turner! she and some guy (ike) opened for the stones at madison square garden, prompting mick jagger to note, "it's nice to have a chick occasionally."

another movie review!

inglourious basterds: 0 biscuits ;(

wow, was that terrible! while i don't care to comment to much further, here are just a few things:

i've said it before, and i'll say it again. nothing gobbles my goop faster than a poorly executed southern accent. so brad, next time you have to do one, maybe you should pay more attention. we dont talk that way. why wasn't uma thurman in this? whomever played the jew-hunter was very good. and i liked the idea of the bear jew. but i guess even he was disappointing. although, i will be referring to joel by that title from now on.

i don't know. i just didn't like it. it wasn't very exciting or interesting. the end.

crazy pony

today i am watching gimme shelter.

daily ri ri

do you wonder who rihanna is canoodling with here in mexico yesterday?

his name is matt kemp, and he plays baseball for the LA Dodgers.

story of my life

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