06 July 2011


taken by g-tuttz.

watch obama answer some tweets.

live town hall discussion, happening right now. sorry for the autoplay. i can't turn it off.

if you have a question, tweet @BarackObama with #AskObama.

chicago by boat.

jicyc. (via)

58 days!!!

a williamsburg 4th of july.


brooklyn outdoor movies

here's a list of movie dates for three outdoor series. i've highlighted the ones i'd be interested in, jic anyone wants to go.

tuesdays : red hook (valentino pier)
wednesdays : mccarren park (ballfields)
thursdays : brooklyn bridge park (pier 1)

Wednesday, July 6 : Friday
Thursday, July 7 : Manhattan
Tuesday, July 12 : Men In Black
Wednesday, July 13 : Wayne's World
Thursday, July 14 : Ghostbusters
Tuesday, July 19 : Bring It On
Wednesday, July 20 : Ghost World
Thursday, July 21 : Sweet Smell of Success
Tuesday, July 26 : Lords of Dogtown
Wednesday, July 27 : Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Thursday, July 28 : Basquiat
Tuesday, August 2 : Wall-E
Wednesday, August 3 : Clueless
Thursday, August 4 : An American Tail
Tuesday, August 9 : The Karate Kid
Wednesday, August 10 : Jurassic Park
Thursday, August 11 : Breakfast at Tiffany's
Tuesday, August 16 : The Fast and the Furious
Thursday, August 18 : Crooklyn
Tuesday, August 23 : The Iron Giant
Thursday, August 25 : Rosemary's Baby
Tuesday, August 30 : Pump Up The Volume
Thursday, September 1 : Public Vote : TBD
Tuesday, September 6 : Highlander
Tuesday, September 13 : Pee Wee's Big Adventure


Epix Movies Free-For-All and The L Magazine present summerscreen in McCarren Park starting tonight. Free movie projected with food trucks and other vendors selling their stuff.

July 6 – Friday
July 13 – Wayne’s World
July 20 – Ghost World
July 27 – Ferris Bueller's Day Off
August 3 – Clueless
August 10 – Jurassic Park
August 17 – Rain Date
August 24 – Rain Date

That is a really strong line up, but I must say, August 3 and 10 look especially awesome.

wilbur the puppy-pig, you've stolen my heart.

this morning, i was perusing my nymag, and startled myself with an lol-in-public when i read this little neighborhood news item. i laughed because i envisioned his "energetic reaction" to look something like this.

when i got to work, i looked into the story of wilbur, and was delighted to find that he is just absolutely adorable.

Lisa Ortiz, assistant manager of the center in Manhattan, said workers there dubbed the pig Wilbur and pointed out that it wags his tail when called by name.
“He appears to be a pet because he was very friendly. He wasn’t charging, wasn’t snorting, wasn’t stamping his foot,” Gentiles said.
At the Manhattan center, hay was laid out on the ground for Wilbur. Employees had filled a small tub to be used as a bath, but most of the water had either been spilled or drunk.
On Tuesday morning, Wilbur snacked on vegetable- and fruit-flavored rabbit treats but shunned the morsels made with carrots as well as the whole carrots in its bowl.
dislikes: carrots, strawberries
likes: mixed treats for rabbits, lettuce, head-pets
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