03 June 2011

nErD aLeRt!

i was just googlin', you know, tryin' to learn a thing or two. i'm kind of fascinated with what i found, and want to share briefly. presenting...the history of the maritime hotel!

first, read this.

then, click on this.

and finally, get a gander of aaaallllll this.

cool, right?!

what is holmes doing?

still cross-eyed! thx neely!

what is uno doing?

getting better!


joel's next haircute

m&    &m

RIP dr kervorkian?!?!!?

it's true.


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just try to get through this without smiling at least once. i made it to "minority whip nipple slip".

just a reminder

we still have 2 twilight movies to go. a sneak peak of breaking dawn : part one will be shown during the MTV movie awards this sunday night. get excited.


look at this fucking tornado. it happened the other day to springfield, massachusetts aka the birthplace of basketball. it's also the birthplace of lillywhitefish. ;(

extreme whiskey makeover

jack daniels edition.



well?!?!! what do you think?
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