07 October 2010

ye olde blog sneak attack

B is for Basil assaulted by bears

edward gorey

are you socially adequate?

take the quiz and report back. via.

david shrigley - wth

source via

"who is that other girl" - oh thats steven tyler

david archuleta is just the tits.

omg remember?

kelis - scream 3D

raise your hand if this has happened to you


spoiler alert : he actually dies in the end


nice fare hike MTA, great job.

you will now be paying $104 for your monthly metro card. this is the third rate hike in as many years. UGH!

upside down library cafe

graphics and printed carpet tiles and some smart furniture choices combine to create this stunning effect. via.

look who's famous

drunks (thx ktv!)

hoda kotb : the bomb dot com

nymag asked hoda-woman a few nyc-centric questions in anticipation of the release of her memoirs (she'll be discussing and signing at the tribeca barnes & noble on wednesday, the 13th, jicywtg). she is just the cutest, here are some of her answers that i liked:

In one sentence, what do you actually do all day in your job?
Laugh and scratch and occasionally drink.

Do you give money to panhandlers?

What's your drink?

How much is too much to spend on a haircut?
Come on... Can you really put a price on weather sensitive hair???

Who is your mortal enemy?
My alarm clock. It goes off at 4 A.M.

What makes someone a New Yorker?
Someone who tells it like it is... and makes you laugh while they are doing it.

i think that last answer is perfect. i just love her.

mark ronson, crush

ive sampled mark ronson's recent solo album and havn't fallen in love with the music, but i might just buy it on itunes anyway because i think i have a crush on him. read the nymag profile. i especially like white hair mark.

gather 'round, for i have news.

we are rebranding!

what do you think?!

make your own crap logo here!

independent redesign of the new crap logo.

after the gap went and ruined their logo, which everyone was perfectly happy with, blog ISO50 sponsored an independent competition to come up with a new redesign (competition runs through 10.13.2010, so you can still enter!).

this is obviously the front runner:

i can appreesh the sarcastic approach :
i think this is a successful and subtle approach at updating a classic :
this is a nice example of how to age and cheapen a brand at the same time. makes me think of fossil in the 90's :
i actually like this logo, but gap would need to be an oil company for it to work :

looks like a logo for a convention center. barf :
kylie thinks this one looks like the REI logo, and i agree. gap doesn't sell ski coats!
what is this, an iphone app? get fucked :


i know joel will love this.

carly just comment-shared this little gem. (please note: "drag marks")
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