22 May 2014

trend alert?

with the 9th annual international cornhole cup rapidly approaching (june 14, jicyww), i've been brushing up on what the kids are listening to, and i noticed a thing.

this is a new song by jeremih featuring YG, which i shared with you as a potential song of the summer. it features a (pretty loose) sample from 90's clurb anthem "rhythm is a dancer".

this is a new song by kid ink featuring chris brown, and i noticed it sounded pretty much exactly the same. the sample in this one is from the 90's clurb anthem "show me love" by robin s.

the answer to this riddle is that both tracks were produced by some guy named dj mustard, who is clearly phoning it in. you can recognize him by his "mustard on tha beat" calling card. i guess it's not really a trend if it's just one guy repeating the same formula. i hope it catches on though because i'm enjoying the aesthetic.

on a side note: what are the odds that two songs called "show me love" would be released in the same year by people named robin / robyn?

UPDATE: ugh here's another song that sounds exactly the same.

come on, dj mustard.

travelling this weekend?

how far you going?
i received this as part of an email blast and found it to be a great way to waste time.  space is big.  i've only scrolled to jupiter so far.

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