13 August 2014

asians are the best

that is all.

and working on a new album...

stars - from the night

here's a dance-y little number from your favorite band from 2007. it's the first thing of theirs i've liked in a while. maybe the new album will be something!

EVE!!! We are going to Greenwich Village! (Lauren Bacall - "But Alive" - Applause)

just sit back and let ariana grande entertain you

holler design gets a DNJ feature!

that's murfreesboro's own daily news journal.

LASCASSAS – Located on a winding country lane in the pastoral Lascassas, Tennessee, Matt Alexander creates furniture inspired by Southern tradition with a modern simplicity from the land his family has farmed for the past century.
He also incorporates his family's history into every piece he creates at HollerDesign.
Each HollerD piece is handcrafted from lumber harvested from downed, dead or falling trees on his family's old dairy farm.
"We use a little bit of everything," Alexander said about his lumber choices. (via)

long read on the east nashville scene

from NPR's ann powers:
"East Nashville — it was already a worn out phrase when I came here," said the producer and recording studio owner Andrija Tokic, who moved to the area a decade ago, when he was 21. "To me it would be impossible to say what East Nashville is now. It used to be that I could go to any bar, and I would know everyone there, and everybody knew what everybody else was doing. Now, claims the name "East Nashville" for whatever their niche project is."
To an outsider, Tokic may seem to overexaggerate. East Nashville isn't Brooklyn yet; it's not even Seattle. And Nashville remains known for country music, which has never been hotter, commercially. But East Nashville now is at the peak of the classic creative-class arc: A new generation of music- and other makers has built a lifestyle vibrant enough to be irresistible to outsiders, including wealthy locals and newcomers from other cities, whose presence makes it both more profitable to some, and unsustainable for others. (via)
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