04 September 2014


angel joan tells a heckler what's what, you stupid sons of bitches. from the documentary "joan rivers: a piece of work", which as far as i can tell is available on netflix, so i'll probs watch that tonight.

In Bed With Joan

Joan, goddammit, I love you.


RIP joan rivers

you are already missed.
She lived in a triplex penthouse just off Fifth Avenue overlooking Central Park that featured a ballroom with gilded columns and 23-foot-high ceilings. It was on the market for $29.5 million in 2011, when she told The New York Times: “Qaddafi wanted to rent it for that whole U.N. thing. People said it’s blood money. I said, ‘Oh, I can easily wash blood off dollar bills.’ But they didn’t like it. It was too close to a synagogue.” (via)

9-4-81 B-Day

happy birthday Bey


A woman jumped from the Peabody Hotel - I'm assuming- roof. A firefighter nearby said she landed between a horse and it's buggy (pictured below).
Bad news is she is now dead as a doornail but don't worry the horse is ok...just spooked.

aw, cute!

some utah state fans made an adorable hyperlapse of their trip to knoxville for last weekend's game. i see you, cornhole in market square.
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