07 January 2011

david bowie. you're welcome.

david bowie - fascination

i am woman. hear me sob, y'all

i haven't read this yet, but the headline amused me.

who's gonna review it for us?

update: nytimes doesn't seem to like it

omg JAKE!

he was on the q train earlier today. time to stalk. via.

get it! get. it.


(rich and adorable) armie hammer to kiss dicaprio

rich as fuck and tall and handsome armie hammer is the breakout star of the social network and has been cast aside the caprio as j edgar hoover's love interest in a hoover biopic. clint eastwood directs. not fair to be rich, handsome, talented, and charming. via.

starla in 30 years?


looking real good future starla.

youve got something in your.... omigod


what do you think of lauryn hill's sound?

i wish she sounded better, but less than lauryn is better than no lauryn. thats the same thing i said about whitney houston. crack is whack. via.

you might already know, but

dj pauly d and chloe sevigny are like totally doing it. dtf, no doubt.

kylie told me.

what's for lunch?????

another puppy!

jk, it's pizza friday. thx markie!

keekerz speakerz

happy friday!

MIA - bad girls

toro y moi - still sound

chris brown (feat. busta rhymes + lil wayne) - look at me now

kanye west (feat. john legend) - eyes closed


most popular puppy name of 2010?

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