24 September 2013

another puppy post

new sky ferreira music video "you're not the one"

werking and twerking

puppy gifs from the gawker comments section of an article about a brave dachshund (RIP)


merritt wever never fails to make me ctm.

"I wanted to thank everyone at Showtime, and most of all Edie Falco. And people at Showtime. I'm scared, honestly, because it was unexpected. I mean, I have therapy next week." (via)
i also just wanted to say how adorable anna chlumsky's legitimate happiness for merritt was in that clip. and how sour blossom looked.

i think this is kind of sweet.

salon's alex pareene tackles the tone issues of yesterday's nytimes feature hit-piece on 2Pz preferred mayoral candidate bill de blasio's social justice background:
Despite the article’s myriad problems of tone and its various insinuations, it’s a useful and interesting look at the background of the guy who might soon lead America’s biggest city — a city that has a great deal of money and also a huge, struggling underclass. It’s heartening, actually, to see the idealism of young de Blasio, especially for those who supported him but were concerned that he was perhaps just another empty Clintonite Democrat with a consultant-crafted “progressive” message. The guy actually does care. A romantic attachment to a popular revolutionary movement suggests a sincere commitment to justice. (via)
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