17 June 2011

in basevol news...

dave serrano is our new coach. and joan cronan looks fantastic introducing him. she is like the mom i never had.


"if this isn't a post for 2pz, then my name isn't a.."

She's so right.

this dog lacks spatial reasoning.

thx liz!


what happens when a chilean volcano rains ash all over an argentinian lake.

breezy and biebz

when i listen to this song, i imagine that they're singing to each other.

want some night terrorz?

check out the snake house.

how aggressive

“having sex at 85 miles per hour while drunk on a freeway is willful and wanton negligence.”

85 miles an hour. cruise control. drunk driving. having sex. in the back seat.

from @dantrharne

youtube classix

he's a very loving cat.

finally, a useful how to of the day

Image:Complete Intro 22.jpg
wikihow did you know?

If you have a disability that makes taking your socks off difficult, or if you just think it would be fun to let your dog take your socks off, this trick may be something that works for you and your dog.

thanks igoogle!

how gauche!

thx rob.

do you want to watch gaga's boring new video?

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