30 August 2011


i have a proposal for a little friendly competition!!

three of 2Pz most avid readers also happen to have three great puppies. coincidence? idts. after noticing the juxtaposition of bella's new trick and that semi-human-ing dog....i thought: gosh, would i love to see a dog i know do some humaning. so i propose a triple-face-off, between:

1) hank baker mooney
2) isabella swan
3) yella bear jackson

submit some photos of your pups looking really dignified and sitting like a person. and we'll have a poll to choose the winner. ok?!


Yvonne is a dairy cow who executed a stunning escape from her electrified pen in Germany just days before she was to be turned into hamburger.

She has been on the lamb living secretly in the woods near her town eating grass and evading capture at every turn. Helicopters, infrared cameras, and a sexy bull named Ernst have all been employed to bring Yvonne back into custody, but now that she has tasted freedom, she will never go back to the farm.

full disclosure: this picture is actually of Yvonne's sister Waltraut, who has also been used at bait. yvonne hasn't been seen in DAYS


4 DAYS!!! (again)

i said it's GREAT.

4 DAYS!!!

top 20 college football stadiums.

ours goes all the way around.

thx sj!

go ahead.

unscramble that second one.
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