25 October 2010

friends of friends

do you know what its like to read about a friend of yours in a new york times profile?

i dont, but carly does.

thomas wilhelm's christmas list



Taylor Swift and Emma Stone are tight. Emma Stone hosted SNL. Taylor Swift was backstage. Guess who was with her? Multiple sources tell me exclusively that Jake Gyllenhaal was her date that night. Yes, HER DATE. She was totally into him, there were close the whole time, and awkwardly cute-flirting, some undercover handholding, and I’ve been told several times, “it was more than just friends”.

As you can imagine, she was beyond delirious. I’m told she looked like she was dreaming while she was there. And they left together. And they’ve been seen all around New York together – brunch, shopping, what people do when they start dating.

Yes. Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal are dating. Early days, but they’re dating.

tompkins square halloween dog parade :

[via , gawker]

we're #1! we're #1!

after defeating LSPoo, the auburn tigers are now ranked number one in the nation!!!

this picture from espn was captioned "auburn tops LSU." yeah we did!

saw this on the train friday morning :

that's a good lookin' mantle.

found this pixie of my house from last week's third annual fire night on space shuttle. look. ing. good. 


here she is. if this is a preview of his upcoming album, i think we will have a welcome departure from the 808's & heartbreaks-kanye, and be left with really nice blend of his experimental side with the palatable lyricism of previous albums that we've come to love.

at any rate, this weird ass music-movie he made has got me excited. it's good even as a listen, if you're at work.
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