15 April 2014

maybe now jenny slate can get crackin on that marcel the shell feature length film that everyone has been clamoring for

but this will do in the meantime

thats not what i expected that chicken to do


ahem, that's DAME angela lansbury to you.

Investitures at Windsor castle

look how cute mrs. potts looks! and now she's a dame, like maggie smith, judi dench, and edna.

who wants a gemini chair?!

i know i do.
Part of UNStudio's Gemini collection for Dutch brand Artifort, the asymmetric chair was designed to let sitters "sit up, slouch, lounge, hang, repose or hunker", as well as to "shift, twist, turn, swing around, pivot to face each other or turn towards the room." (via)

now you've seen it


Gay of Thrones


a pony and a person walk over a frozen lake

stolen from a drewby retweet

Dame Commander Jessica (J.B.) Fletcher

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