05 June 2011

"does he like me?"


isabella, your move



did you see the official video for kanye's monster? rick ross, jay z, nicki minaj, another nicki minaj, some vampires and blood but take note... this video is NOT misogynist! i still like this one

mark kanemura, so hot right now

when i was watching the monster's ball on hbo, there was a particular dancer that caught my eye. a later nypost article confirmed that my flash of recognition was on point and lead me to mark kanemura, one of my favorite contestants from so you think you can dance season four.

im sure you remember that really cool sonja tayeh dance set to mirah's the garden.

a further google search revealed he was also a dancer in the glee britney episode during the me against the music number.

he was the featured dancer with gaga when she performed edge of glory on american idol.

he is also pretty fun to follow on twitter. so hot right now.

first song from my second favorite jonas

Joe Jonas - See No More by KylarLennox

rihanna beater chris brown cowrote the new track

what is wrong with you

this lobster is blue.

is this what james franco has been so busy studying in school?

if the L train isn't running, i'm moving back to tennessee.

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