10 January 2012

willow plays in a leaf pile

 i just typed the word "pile," then looked at it, then deleted it because it looked wrong. does that ever happen to you? sometimes i try to spell "of" like this: "ove" i don't know why these things happen. additionally, i never spell "exercise" correctly the first time.

what words do you have trouble spelling? tell me in the comments.

nashville kettlebell american idol

if you click here you will see a couple familiar faces. melissa and ktv i love you both and am so proud of you!

like a troubled bridge over water


an idea

last time i was over at GPP, Mr. Erin looked like he could use a pick me up.

some go go juice or something. via

this corgi has an amazing story

A Welsh Corgi named Ole, who managed to survive the avalanche that killed one of his owners, surprised his family by showing up four days later at their motel room in Cooke City, Montana. “I just saw it outside sitting by the room, which is pretty amazing,” said avalanche specialist Mark Staples. Dave Gaillard of Bozeman was killed after being buried by an avalanche southeast of town in Hayden Creek. His wife Kerry managed to escape by clinging to a tree. “His last words to me were, ‘Retreat to the trees.’ I think he saw what was coming from above, that I did not see. That reflects Dave’s amazing quality — thinking of others,” she told the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. Ole was believed to have been buried under the snow as well, but must have tunneled his way out. Still, the trek back to Cooke City was likely treacherous, with temperatures below freezing, and deep snow that would be taxing for the dog’s short legs. “How in the world he made it, I don’t know,” said Kay Whittle, the wife of a local businessman who returned the pup to his family. “If he could just talk — who knows what he did from the day of the avalanche until today?” via

almost the weekend?

not yet ...

i cant wait to see this


the internet is talking about...

Something's going around the internet. it's called the phone stack. Basically, it's a game where when each member of the party arrives at the table they place their phone face down in a stack. Over the course of dinner you eat and converse like human beings. If your phone buzzes, you have to leave it be or pay the price (literally). The first person to touch their phone before the bill comes loses the game and dinner's on them.

I think we (that means you too) are pretty controlled as a group when it comes to being present when we are together, but I like this idea. We should try it one time.

what thomas wilhelm's grandma envisioned his future to be like.

here he is....

...driving his car!

...turning books into knowledge! this position is called "churning the butter", and is reserved for the class dunce.

...working! (this one's actually pretty accurate.)

...video-chatting / cybering.

..."churning the butter" again.

...going for a hot air baloon ride.

...riding bikes on govies island.

see everything here!!

What's a Moc?

In the comments of my post about Chattanooga being a nice place to visit, friend of the blog Melissa mistakenly asserted that my label should read "go MOCKINGBIRDS" instead of the customary "go vols." First of all, don't tell me what to do. Second of all,  I didn't know there were UT's anywhere besides knoxville and i would assume that they were Vols too... or at least Smokeys. It turns out she was telling the truth and that they are Mockingbirds!

 A Moc is Mockingbird that drives the Chattanooga Choo-Choo!

They were water moccasins in the twenties, then they were just moccasins, then they were as Kylie so eloquently put it "racist-ass moccasins." Named after this pretend Chief Moccasin.

In my research, I cam across this photo. I like Memphis basketball (go tigers go) but this D has taken it TOO FAR. You can't drag a smokey through the streets. I think it's against the law. If not, it ought to be, and at the very least it's declasse. for SHAME!

what's for lunch!


and cheese and butter wrapped in phyllo dough.

shania twain tuesday

eric fischer, at it again.

the bay area...in tweets. looks just like a bat. 

dedicated to deej and sneekz

New To Me: Confetti System

About a month ago I was in Opening Ceremony, looking at all the fine things I can't afford and hoping to run into Chloe, and I couldn't help but notice the unusual chicken-head headdresses on their creepy super-tall long-necked mannequins.  Then, this weekend I was on Mulberry Street and I noticed a window display of similar looking pinatas and paper garlands in a store called Creatures of Comfort.  It was there that I found out what the deal was when I asked a saleswoman "what's the deal with all these pinatas and stuff?"
Now I'm obsessed with Confetti System, the artist duo who's been running around making pastel and metallic installations since early 2009 (my guess since that's the oldest "news" update on their website).  In addition to Opening Ceremony, their website also lists as clients, PS1 summer warm up series, J.Crew, Cole Haan, Martha Stewart, Paper Magazine, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Beach House.  It's like the nexus of everything I love plus sparkly pinatas. Here's a Dwell article about them from a year ago.
You can buy their tasseled garlands and pinatas for between $130 and $150.  So, you know, with prices like those you can just go wild.  They also make simple silk cord accezories which I think are less interesting than their confetti; available for around $200 at your usual shopping destinations, Opening Ceremony and Bergdorf Goodman.

justin biebers that look like lesbians

here he is in V magazine. he's on the cover, and it looks like this. oh, and did you see his new tattoo?

thomas wilhelm, when are you getting your earrings?

keeping you abreast of your skrillex

he kept showing up on commercials during the game last night, and i was just curious what he's up to. i found out that he has a new album scheduled to arrive this month, and this is the only song on the internet from it right now. it is so confusing!!!

are there any teenagers reading this that can explain it?

speaking of fatties

heavy housewives of memphis. "it's not a weight loss show."

thx carly!

claaaaaaaaasssssssic georgia

Speaking of girl scout cookies. A new ad campaign aimed at ending childhood obesity in Georgia has got some (fat) parents in an uproar. Georgia is second in the nation in fat kids behind Mississippi. Can't Georgia win ANYthing?

happy (bearlated) bearthdie joey tony pepperoni!!

you get 2 bears (plus one blurry distant bear) because i'm so embearassed that i missed your bearthdie yesterday!

its cookie season.

djv just told me. i don't think i want any of the new powdered lemon cookies. here's a taste review.

thin mints, samoas, tagalongs. in that order. at least 3 boxes of each. please and thank you.

musical stylings

i have listened to this gotye song about 5 times a day since i showed it to you. look at these people covering it, like 5 to a guitar. try to watch it just once.

in other news, the shins are back.

so are sleigh bells. this song is the tits.

and here's another LDR for you. do i like it?

i don't feel so hot...

(artist's rendering)

hillary as running mate

i just got all kinds of excited thinking about the prospect examined in this bill keller op-ed piece:
Hillary Clinton is 64 years old, with a Calvinist work ethic, the stamina of an Olympian, an E.Q. to match her I.Q., and the political instincts of a Clinton. She has an impressive empathic ability — invaluable in politics or statecraft — to imagine how the world looks to an ally or adversary. She listens, and she learns from her mistakes. She was a perfectly plausible president four years ago, and that was before she demonstrated her gifts as a diplomatic snake-charmer. (Never mind Pakistan and Libya, I’m talking about the Obama White House.) She is, says Gallup, the most admired woman in America for the 10th year in a row, laps ahead of, in order, Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, Sarah Palin and Condoleezza Rice; her approval rating of 64 percent is the highest of any political figure in the country.
So it’s too early to hang up the big ambition. And a lot of us would be deeply disappointed in her if she did. This would be none of our business if she had taken the off-ramp after her time as first lady. (Nobody is thinking very hard about what’s next for Laura Bush.) But she moved on to the Senate, to a near-miss presidential campaign, and to a credible term as secretary of state. She raised our expectations.
The proposal to draft her in place of President Obama this year is preposterous. It exaggerates his vulnerability and discounts Hillary’s loyalty. But the idea that she should replace Joe Biden as Obama’s running mate in 2012 is something else. It has been kicking around on the blogs for more than a year without getting any traction, mainly because it has been authoritatively, emphatically dismissed by Hillary, Biden and Team Obama.
It’s time to take it seriously. (via
worth a read. thx g!
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