08 December 2010

I Like your Bathhouse

looks like fun.

joel beat me to it!

but anyway, who wants to go see black swan?

tilda swinton crying

not the same affect as james franco flirting with himself, but you know.

james franco making out with himself

from a nytimes magazine online feature of actors acting. also see, tilda swinton.

urban decline

how many bad puns will you read by the end of the day that involve the news about urban meyer stepping down again at florida?

oprah hearts gayle. a LOT.

be sure to watch the hour-long oprah interview tomorrow night, followed by b-dub's 10 most fascinating people of 2010.

i want to go to there.

omg y'all, please check out the aMaZiNg video here, depicting the design for the vols' new football training center. it's ridiculously fancy, and is sure to convince all the best players to come play on our team. the video is awesomely over the top, featuring phrases like "multi-level thunderdome of power". and peyton manning is getting his own room!

does anyone know what architecture firm is responsible for this?

cute story.

i really enjoyed reading this cute little tale of how a small nebraska town came together to take back their future.
The people of Hooper — population 827, more or less — knew what this meant. The small green sign planted beside the new highway barely whispered their town’s name. And in the flat terrain of rural Nebraska, the eye can see far into the distance, yet miss so much. They feared being missed. Bypassed.
Another community might have resigned itself to this subtle humiliation, enduring the slight on behalf of rural America as just one more nudge toward oblivion. But Hooper was determined to raise its collective hand somehow, and say to the busy world:
We are still here.
“We kind of lost our identity now that the highway didn’t go through town,” said David Hingst, 58, the general manager of Hoegemeyer Hybrids, a local seed company. “We needed our identity brought back.”
But how? (via)

RIP elizabeth edwards

this has really bummed me out this morning.   ;(   1949 - 2010.

To Lee, With Love, Nick

To Lee, With Love, Nick - A Tribute to Alexander McQueen By Nick Knight from SHOWstudio on Vimeo.

Celebrating the breathtaking imagination and groundbreaking designs of Lee Alexander McQueen, the latest fashion film by Nick Knight pays tribute to McQueen's sensational creations, stellar career, and most importantly to the man himself. Directed by Knight and set to an exclusive soundtrack by Björk, the film is featured online at SHOWstudio.com.
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