11 February 2013

by special request

pope benedict xvi quit being the pope today. Usually you have to die to stop being pope. the last pope to quit outright instead of dying was Celestine V in 1294. pope benedict, a former member of the hitler youth, says that he is too old and sick to carry on. he's probably right.

this was benedict xvi's papal crest. stay tuned to hear about the new pope and his crest. (CANT WAIT!)

support your favorite performance artists

ANIMALS Indiegogo from Animals Performance Group on Vimeo.

if you love michael de angelis as much as i do, or if you love me (i'm the set designer for this show) then donate your money and come see it in person!


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how tall is beyonce?

ANSWER: 5'-7"

 i saw this picture of beyonce and something didn't seem quite right about it. she has always loomed larger than life in my imagination, but in reality she is the exact same height as KYLIE!

between two ferns : oscar edition

this is funny.

westminster dog show is happening right now


  Competing at Westminster for the first time this year are Russell terriers and treeing Walker coonhounds. Russells are often called Jack Russells, like the dog on Fraiser or Uggie; the similar Parson Russell terrier, which has a more "square" body, is already a part of Westminster. The treeing Walker is known for chasing raccoons up trees. This is a photo of a treeing Walker sniffing a Russell terrier's butt:


this is what the hattiesburg, ms tornado looked like yesterday

"holy shit"

rihanna's terrible boyfriend is such a pathetic loser he can barely even clap when frank ocean wins the award chris brown wanted

in the stupid white suit.

beyonce march vogue cover

twerk it out squirrel friend

jeez, i wish i knew a papal expert who could comment on today's news that Benedict XVI is quittting the job

does anyone know anyone who knows a lot about popes? or at least someone who cares enough about popes to get a pope tattoo? via
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