16 September 2013

what's happening to beyonce?!?!

Beyoncé's Public Tour of Incomparable Greatness and Alarming Indignities continued on Sunday night, as the singer was briefly yanked into the crowd by an overenthusiastic (or perhaps exactly the right amount of enthusiastic) fan during a stop in Sao Paulo. (via)

keekerz speakerz

au revoir simone's new single, "somebody who". stream the whole album at npr right now.

have you listened to britney's latest new single?

me:  have you listened to britney's new single
 Charlotte:  no
surprisingly not
 me:  i put it on 2pz for your convenience
 Charlotte:  ok I will go do it now
i read a funny tweet about it today
"finally Britney wrote a song i can relate to - being forced to work"
 me:  lol

your fortnightly boat

remember that cruise ship that tumped over a while back? they've been working on salvaging it, and today they're going to try to un-tump it.
Italian officials have given the go-ahead to an attempt to right the Costa Concordia, the cruise ship that capsized off the island of Giglio 20 months ago, early Monday morning. The operation—a maneuver known as "parbuckling"—is risky in that its never been tried on a ship this size and once initiated can't be stopped. It's one-and-done, regardless of the result. (via)
here's a detailed description of the process, and here's a live stream of the salvage.

a lovely facelift for the new yorker

the video is annoyingly set to autoplay, so click here to learn all about it.
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