09 May 2012

daily ri ri

(slightly nsfw) 

speaking of gay's ruining marriage

The Guardian has this brilliant (that's how Brits describe things) info-graphic on the status of gay right in the 50 US states and the District of Columbia.  They also break the graphic down by different types of rights and geographical regions for a look at the nuances between states in different regions and the disparity between "LGB" rights, and "T" rights.  It's very efficient in laying out thing we already knew, the Southeast is still dragging it's knuckles around in the latter half of the 20th Century, and the North east is leading the way in pretty much every regard.

P.S. Of course they went with a rainbow color scheme.


"i think same-sex couples should be able to get married"


set your tivos

martha's on at 10. filmed on location.

behind the scenes of moonrise kingdom


A new species of spider was discovered in the suburbs of, none other than, Auburn AL. It's a relative of the tarantula, and a variety of trapdoor spider. What's it's name you ask? Myrmekiaphila tigris, or the Auburn Tiger Trapdoor Spider, in honor of Aubie. Personally, I think we just got ourselves an additional mascot.

Fun fact about how the trap-door spider got it's name:
The female of the species, which can live 15 to 20 years, spend nearly all their lives in silk-lined burrows, the entrance to which is hidden by a hinged trapdoor spun of silk and soil. The spiders wait by the door, feeling for the vibrations from passing prey then leap out to administer a venomous bite on the unsuspecting prey, which the spider then drags back underground.
If you ask me, that sounds a lot like Starla in her bedchamber at 90 dubz.


new music round-up

here's the latest video from a$ap rocky.

did you know that nelly furtado is still alive? i'm glad.

biebz was on the voice last night.

watch gwen and the gang working on the new no doubt album, out september 25.

happy BEARthday

today is my mom's birthday!

love you mom. thanks for always loving me too!!!!

what is DJV doing this weekend?

but also...
"Sometimes I feel like I'm a bit sick of it. My inbox, on any given day, has at least five covers or parodies or remixes of it and there's only so many times you can listen to the one song." -gotye (via)
i feel ya, buddy.

in related news:

im starting the cycle tonight at union square

bizarro toops

stop stealing my brain, internet.

"youre probably all too young to watch mad men, so enjoy the hunger games"

jon hamm has an advice video blog for teenage girls. ctm.
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