07 April 2011

the masters started today

i hope rickie fowler wins.

its 1991 again!

please welcome 1991's hottest pop princess, bonnie raitt!!

tina fey newz

bitch is preggers!!

which begs the question: why is her husband so tiny?

swiperboy newz

here's a really boring video of swiperboy performing live at barley's in knoxville. (it picks up around the 11-minute mark, when he awkwardly serenedes a homely young lady)

and here is a link to his latest mixtape, swiperboy IV.

ps - i heard an alternate to 'basketvol' the other day, and it's 'ballinteer'. you're welcome!

this story is remarkable.

though i'm not totally convinced it's true.
Five thousand years after he died, the first known gay caveman has emerged into the daylight.

According to archaeologists, the way he was buried suggests that he was of a different sexual persuasion.

The skeleton of the late Stone Age man, unearthed during excavations in the Czech Republic, is said to date back to between 2900 and 2500 BC.

During that period, men were traditionally buried lying on their right side with the head pointing towards the west; women on their left side with the head facing east.

In this case, the man was on his left side with his head facing west. Another clue is that men tended to be interred with weapons, hammers and flint knives as well as several portions of food and drink to accompany them to the other side.

Women would be buried with necklaces made from teeth, pets, and copper earrings, as well as domestic jugs and an egg-shaped pot placed near the feet.

The ‘gay caveman’ was buried with household jugs, and no weapons.
i do know that thomas wilhelm sleeps on his left side, with his head facing west, and all his pots and pans in bed with him.


what's your fave?!?!

nErD aLeRt!

women in architecture edition.
a huffpo piece about lady architects (or the lack thereof):
Equality in the construction industry is notoriously poor -- in the UK for example, just 10% of people employed by the construction industry are women; amazingly the figures for registered, working architects are similarly disproportional at just 12%. This was shocking to me; at architecture school there was equality in numbers -- so why is this ratio so low? (via)
thx jason!

happy 1991 thursday!!

1991 Thursday!

from April 27 - May 4, 1991, Amy Grant was at the top of the charts with her totally karaoke worthy hit, "Baby, Baby"

Justin Bieber wasn't even born yet.

your fortnightly boat.

this guy is totally awesome!
PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten — An 85-year-old British sailor who dreamed of crossing the Atlantic on a raft as a young boy has completed the journey in 66 days with three friends.

The 2,800-mile crossing to this Caribbean island, led by Anthony Smith of London, took about two months and was generally smooth except for damage to two rudders on the large, sail-powered raft.

"Some people say it was mad," he told The Associated Press when he arrived in St. Maarten Wednesday. "But it wasn't mad. What else do you do when you get on in years?"



that reminds me.

jazzy has her own food dance. only less fun and much weirder.

well deserved!

the jezebel kitties vs. puppies tournament has come to a close, with none other than the majestic corgi taking the top spot! i recommend checking out the comments on their post. wonderful images.

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