09 March 2012

how the F do i get on that flight?


look what i saw on gawker


melissa wants you to see this baby seal puppy


scrabble doodle dandy

me: well that wedgie drawing is absolutely going on 2pz
Melissa: hhahahaa
was it hard to figure out?
it took me a while to make it look like underwear and not a butt rape
me: exactly
it looked exactly like butt rape

i was playing a little scrabble doodle dandy

Can you guess my word based on this clue?
It has 8 letters: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Hint, the gal is starla.

If you have a smartphone, download Drawsomething!

usher - climax

yesterday's solar flare.

An impressive solar flare is heading toward Earth and could disrupt power grids, GPS and airplane flights. Forecasters say the sun erupted Tuesday evening and the effects should start smacking Earth late Wednesday night.



they call this the unicorn of insects.

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