03 September 2011


general neyland says, "GO VOLS!!"

I want to be Robyn's friend sooooooo baaaaad.

Look at how much fun it would be to tour with her! I wouldn't be able to agree to not "faaalll recklessly, helplessley inlove with [her]", however. and that's why it would be a problem...

A stranger handed me a handwritten business (index) card

It lead me to this Youtube single which was better than I expected.

Pizza Friday! City Market Cafe 83rd and Madison

Sorry for the delay. We didn't have internets on actual PIZZAFRIDAY.

Crust: 3 Biscuits.I am looking for more crisp and crunch. just
Sauce: 3 Biscuits. a little light on the sauce but I'm ok with that.

Cheese and toppings: 4 biscuits. Good amount of cheese and a solid amount of mushandroni.

Price: $3.80 AGAIN! I think it might be price fixing.

Ambiance: 3 Biscuits. This place is not a strictly pizza place. As a matter of fact, pizza is almost an afterthought. They have a bunch of different kinds of sandwiches and soups and tasty things. Most times that I have been there, I have been able to sit at one of there 8-10 tables. This pizza Friday however, I was forced to eat outside. Luckily, it is one block from the benches at the Met so it didn't feel like last week.
Over-all look and taste: 4 biscuits. For not being a pizza place, I was pretty satisfied with my slice.
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