22 June 2011

raise your hand if you like maroon 5's new song (feat. xtina)

mine's raised, jicyww. stick around for xtina in this video. so many mixed emotions.

i think it's official. i don't hate adam levine. in fact, he seems to be a genuinely nice guy.

best friends for EVER

you may remember Suryia and Roscoe from a previous post on this blog (which i cant seem to find). now they have cowritten a book!

look at how suryia tries to get roscoe to eat a banana! omfg.

proud of you, tracy.

tracy morgan returned to splashville to apologize in person for his gaycist rant. i'm happy about this.

check out bun-bun...

 ...singing my fave track off bon iver's new album on jimmy fallon.

stephen colbert visits jack white.


yacht : utopia / dystopia

the new album is 11 biscuits, jicyww.


Happy summer everyone! Days are getting shorter...

AJV's Gregorian Trance remix

My brother makes music

"for me its all about discovery" - jake gyllenhaal

bear grylls, about jake gyllenhaal:
"He said he wanted to to be pushed and afterwards said he'd never been pushed so hard."

don't worry, i am ALL OVER this one. via.
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