01 July 2011



what are you doing next weekend?

if you live in nashville, you're going to the porter flea, organized by 2Pz own threadsecutioner, katie vance (ktv) on saturday, july 9th. 

have so much fun, and send us pixies of all the nashville-crafted wares you bring home!

official ryan dunn tribute

from the jackass guys.

freedom fridayz

it's july 4th weekend. michele bachmann is making a strong showing in the polls. hugo chavez has cancer. glenn beck has his own tv network? (wtf) it's high time we get a freedom tower update!

Look who's the tallest building downtown now! Who's on top, and who's on bottom now?

statue of liberty!

what is charlie doing?

i caught him on facebook looking really great after just waking up. thx sj! (even though you've been skimpin' on the charlie pixies lately...)

lucky motherfuckers.


omg watch this!

thx benvance!

isabella will be walking for kisses soon

melissa said all it takes is a little peanut butter on the cheek.

i dont think kismet could figure this one out. no patience. thx melissa.
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