02 January 2014

keep it kla$$i auburn

for flim

got 23 minutes to waste?

the best vines of 2013.

what's vine?

well, this is refreshing.

Several of the homes constructed for Hurricane Katrina victims by Brad Pitt’s Make It Right charity are rotting from the inside out, according to the New Orleans Advocate.
The charity used glass-infused wood that’s supposed to be green-friendly. But the material has struggled with moisture — a big problem for homes in a flood zone. The wood is going to be replaced, and Make It Right, which has also helped to rebuild storm-ravaged homes in the Rockaways, is considering legal action. (via)
glad to see brad's getting the full architect experience he never wanted.

welcome mayor de blasio!!

click here to watch / listen to his inaugural address.

memphis radio jams

like kylie, i too spent some time driving around and listening to the radio of the people of memphis. here are the highlights that i loved.
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