05 April 2011

well well well

look what the ncaa tournament cat dragged in. starla has won the official 2Pz march madness bracket!!

everyone wish her a happy victory!! and remember, #alwaystruststarla

i'd also like to congratulate myself for being the highest ranked person to have picked tennessee to win. (pats own back)

can anyone guess where this picture was taken?

(hint: it's not very difficult.)

tennessee : the happiest state

this guy did a study on happiness by state, based on frequency of commonly tweeted phrases. tennessee won, just like we always do.

thx leigh anne!

nerd alert!

this is the olympic velodrome in berlin by dominique perrault. kylie sent me the hanna trailer, and it makes an appearance as some kind of fancy secret government building. but it's really used for bicycles. the more you know...
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