30 June 2016

daily ri ri

small friday

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still be sure to vote, tho.

28 June 2016


chamique holdsclaw on pat.

POTUS love

of course they did.

you've seen it before, why not watch it again?


ya don't take a donkey to the kentucky derby

peyton manning on pat.

i should've called in sick today.

paul finebaum on pat

robin roberts on pat.

the wizard of knoxville

RIP pat summitt

the absolute G.O.A.T.

27 June 2016


fortnightly boat

oh good, it will have dinosaurs.

get him, gals!

looks like the BET awards were lit last night

dr. jackson avery gave a very powerful speech on race:

and then justin timberlake offended some folks on twitter.

24 June 2016

oooo yaassss

hey craig

23 June 2016

soothing hedgehog


speaking of octopus empathy

y'all should listen to this fresh air interview about fish and their feelings.

your daily puss

if you only click on one link today, let it be this

course they did.

no shade.

22 June 2016

i'm posting this for thomas wilhelm, even if he will never see it

beyonce just put this on youtube so why wouldn't i post it here?

this is still my fave #lemonade track if you don't count #formation

keep trying, everyone!

read about it here and here.

21 June 2016

ticketmaster ctm

more like a million dinars

check out this zaha hadid stamp from iraq


i see you, nassau avenue.


20 June 2016

of course they did

the footvols go on a hike

free tickets!

as part of a class action lawsuit settlement, ticketmaster blessed their customers with up to 17 pairs of free tickets, but they haven't told us what we can use them for yet. there will be an updated list. i got the maximum 17 pairs. how many did you get?

how the sausage is made

thx ms. danglez!

16 June 2016

small friday

small friday

thx g.animalz!


read all about it.

such strength such power

small friday

15 June 2016

LOL good one

its showtime!

more info

my goodness, how embarrassing!

Former University of Georgia head coach Vince Dooley (1964-1988) compiled a 201-77-10 record with the Bulldogs and if you weren’t sure who he was voting for in the upcoming presidential election, you should know by now. Dooley appeared on stage with Donald Trump on Wednesday at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta.
According to ajc.com, Dooley said, “You’re the one who’s going to make America great again. God bless America, God bless Donald. The people have spoken.” (via)

missy elliott for marc jacobs

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and also sissy!

talkin' bout it.

i don't get it.

14 June 2016

always trust a capybara

The two that escaped a Toronto zoo on their very first day there were only six month old, so they had not yet reach such gargantuan size. They were both about 30 pounds—the average weight of a human two-year-old. For the past two and a half weeks, they have been hanging out in a park, where, the Guardian says, they have been “celebrated as folk heroes.”
But over the weekend, one of the two capybaras wandered into one of the zookeepers’ traps, which were baited with capybara-friendly food. The other is still lost in the woods, plotting its next move. The zoo asks that anyone who sees the remaining capybara not appraoch it, because the zoo is working hard on "gaining their trust with feeding." (via)

your daily puss


samantha bee rulez

watch paul ryan actively doing nothing to improve gun control

13 June 2016


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10 June 2016

good one, hill!

i do love this little pug face

winona ryder, spooky, scary

right around the corner on nurtflurx.

nashville the city's cool gay mayor saved nashville the tv show

don't know what this is but i'm fully on board.

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yaaaaaasssss goofy.

usher - crash

fridayz w/o flim

09 June 2016

oh hello smokey joe

08 June 2016

your daily puss

coming into hump day running hot

thx huffpo

03 June 2016

tennessee fireflies be like

The fireflies start up at different times depending on soil, temperature, and other factors known only to bugkind. This year, they got going around the turn of the month. Viewing events are scheduled through June 7th, though getting in this year might require an extremely powerful wish—the spectacle has become so popular that the park only issues parking passes through a lottery. If they let everyone in who wanted to come, the fireflies would likely get trampled, park spokeswoman Dana Soehn explained to WBIR. (via)

91 days!

02 June 2016

RIP blue angel

one crashed in stinky smyrna this afternoon. =( yesterday they gave this nashville news lady a ride.


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01 June 2016

hillary is not the only powerful woman to be featured in a fancy magazine

everyone make sure your subscriptions to murfreesboro magazine are up to date, because ktv is going to tell you what's what in this month's issue!
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