04 August 2010

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I know I've dropped the ball on my University of Tennessee Football news responsibilities as of late, so I'm going to take the time to fill y'all in, jicydk what has gone down recently.

Derek Dooley became the new head football coach back last winter when Lane Kiffin left. Kiffin went to USC after Pete Carroll got the hell out of dodge because he saw what was coming. USC got the smack down from the NCAA, their AD got fired, and Lane Kiffin continued to be a douche. He's being sued by the other greatest football team in the world, the Tennessee Titans, and he's continuing to run his mouth about how he didn't do anything wrong and folks are just out to get him, and that he's willing to cheat to win.

Ayres Hall got a clock for the first time ever. Now we'll know for sure when it's football time in Tennessee.

A bunch of UT players went to a classy establishment and beat up an off duty police officer. I've never been in this bar. Kylie went there once in college when it had a different name. She went to see Vaniller Ass, but he wouldn't perform because there weren't enough people that had gotten wasted enough to spend money to see him perform. Kylie was in rare form that night though, and by rare, I mean how she usually was on Thursday nights in college, so she was there. Shit-faced. Anyways, some of them got in trouble, and no surprise, a couple of them were from Memphis.

They'd've behaved if the Salt-n-Pepa haired cop from that Memphis lady cops show was there (third one down icydk).

Bryce Brown Bear came to town to ask for a release, but he didn't ask for it face to face with Dooley, opting for the traditional text message to the coach instead. He didn't get the release.

Two of those guys from Bar Knoxville got reinstated. I'm not sure how I feel about this, but I'm going to defer to Dooley because I still think he is well intentioned and intelligent. Hopefully he want get more Lane Kiffiny than this.

Basil Marceaux gained a huge number of votes by wearing an awesome tie on Jimmy Kimmel.

We added more brick to Neyland in the off season. I can't say I'm a fan but it looks okayish. There will also be a new stepped amphitheater next to Alumni Memorial, and a fancy new plaza. I guess less asphalt is always a good thing, and it should be a great place to watch the band play Rocky Top on their march into the stadium.

late to the bandwagon

i love this song, but i never pictured the band as a roaming pack of dirty street musicians. i suppose it makes sense.

happy bearthday barack

let me know when youre ready to finish the laundry list of items i elected you to take care of.

1) gay stuff
2) economy stuff
3) war stuff

china has pandas falling all over the place

What a cute way to get out of a cage. But what is everyone waiting for?! Pick it up and take it home!!

gay breaking news

Proposition 8 is a violation of due process and equal protection. Judge Vaughn Walker has made that abundantly clear.

But what is the immediate result of this ruling? Judge Walker concluded his Order by stating that "California is able to issues marriage licenses to same-sex couples, as it has already issued 18,000 marriage licenses to same-sex couples and has not suffered any demonstrated harm as a result." And, I just checked. My sister's heterosexual marriage has not been destroyed either.

That said, it is highly unlikely that any same-sex marriages will be conducted tomorrow. As posted here earlier, Proposition 8 supporters have alread filed a pre-emptive motion to stay Judge Walker's order pending their appeal to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

This should not dampen our elation. This decision is momentous and a giant step forward toward legal recognition of our equal rights.

ari ezra waldman, from towleroad

new matthew dear!

i didn't think this would ever happen.

matthew dear - little people (black city)
matthew dear - soil to seed
matthew dear - i can't feel

Jonsi | Animal Arithmetic

new video released today.

i want that.

michaelangelo gravity stand by PUBLIC bikes.



you're welcome!

now i have to listen to the whole album. you get me every time, ke$ha!

brb glitter-bombing myself.


the internet says that iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad nearly got assassinated today. but the iranian government is covering up the story.
LONDON—Iran denied a report from an Arab network on Wednesday that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's convoy was targeted by an explosive device.
Al Arabiya said the blast took place in Hamadan, about 280 kilometers southwest of Tehran, as Mr. Ahmadinejad was about to address a crowd. It said the president was not hurt in the explosion but that a number of people were injured. The network said an attacker was arrested on the spot, adding that the grenade had hit a car carrying journalists and presidential staff.
But PressTV quoted an official in Mr. Ahmadinejad's media office denying any attack took place. An Iranian diplomat in Europe said he had no information on any attack. (via)
claaaaassssssic iran.

2 stories.

story number one:

i just got up to go to the bathroom, and i passed this girl who was playing SOLITAIRE on her computer. there are an infinite number of better ways to kill time on your computer. for instance, reading gawker. or playing farmville, which is what she's doing 90% of the times that i go to the bathroom.

note: this is the second time i've seen someone playing solitaire in here.

i could go for some snood right now, though.

story number two:

on my way back from the bathroom, i stopped in the kitchen to get a sprite-on-the-rocks. i opened the freezer and was pulling out some ice cubes, and noticed that my co-worker was standing next to me, waiting for me to finish so he could get in the fridge. it was a bit awkward, as the cubes were slippery and i was nervous and they kept slipping out of my fingertips. it took about ten seconds to collect enough cubes, during which he was completely silent. until.

he broke the silence with this gem: "you like ice, huh?!?!!?"

the end.

arcade fire

the new album is 12 biscuits. i'm serious. the theme is clear: the suburbs. and they attack it pretty relentlessly, with judgment and contempt, but also nostalgia. i can relate. here are a couple faves after about 5 listens:

arcade fire - ready to start
arcade fire - sprawl II (mountains beyond mountains)

"sometimes i wonder if the world's so small, that we can never get away from the sprawl."

y'all git it.

scream 4 is filming

this is especially relevant as i am currently watching scream 3 on showtime. this is a leaked picture of the ghostface killer on set in the new movie. woohoo! ten years after scream 3, neve campbell, david arquette, and courteney cox are all back reprising their roles. exciting.

tina fey commercial

Mutual Savings Bank - "Hi!" - Featuring Tina Fey from Purple Onion Films on Vimeo.

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