11 March 2011

look at this embarrassing line graph

it's like the tennessee game last night, except georgia never stopped their opponent's comeback run

your daily ri ri

want to watch two of 2Pz most faves talk to each other?

thought so.

who's your favorite basketVOL?

mine's melvin goins! <3

lupe fiasco friday!

lupe fiasco - paris, tokyo

because RIP tokyo.

look at what's for sale on GILT!

a cute little puppy named "Polka Dot Gloves" for a bargain basement price if you ask me! Hurry, this deal won't last long!

hot new music the internet really wants you to love

this lady is called oh land. i was ignoring her for a while but the internet literally will not shut up about her. i just had joel listen and he agreed that she is instantly enjoyable. she's from denmark, which scores her some points in my book. anyway, 10 bucks this song shows up in the next three episodes of gossip girl.

she has an album out. take a listen and tell me what you think.

lupe fiasco friday!

lupe fiasco - sunshine

because the sun's coming out after a pretty good douching yesterday.


the earthquake's got me thinking about another one of my favorite natural phenomena, pAnGaEa!! liz didn't know what it was, so i just was explaining it to her. she still doesn't get it, jicyww. while i was sending her links, i stumbled across this diagram of the earth during the triassic period, when we were between pangaea and now-times.

the bottom half of the world was called gondwanaland, which i recognized as also the name of heidi the cross-eyed opossum's house! which is getting an UP! grade. check it out. she's going to be so happy there.

vols. for life.

this is how the vols roll. with 7 minutes in the game, we are up by 16 points. with 2 minutes left, we are tied. luckily last night we were able to win after stopping arkansas's comeback run. and tobias harris played great. high hopes for next season as he is just a freshman, but also high hopes for tonight, BECAUSE WE PLAY THE MOTHEREFFIN' GATORS. 7:30. most people say we're in the tourney, but a win would punch our ticket for sure. i'd rather be safe than sorry. so go get your orange and join kylie and me for the game. and the booze that will likely be involved.

art IS life.

UPDATE! read this. (also, i accidentally read the title as "brown beat".... gulp.)

remember snoop, the baltimore lady drug dealer on the wire? well she just got arrested for dealing drugs in baltimore I. R. L!

japan just got pwned.

while you were sleeping, the 5th biggest earthquake on record (8.9) struck off the coast of japan, causing buildings to sway in tokyo, and sent a tsunami right at them, which wiped out a lot. then! the tsunami set off across the pacific, heading right at hawaii! it was supposed to hit about 20 minutes ago, and luckily nothing bad happened. they just had a couple of little waves. so i guess that means california (and thomas wilhelm) are safe. at least from tsunamis.

anyway, shit is crazy.

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