12 September 2012

ike and tina eat watermelon in whiteface for outta season LP album cover

awesome. thx ms.dangles

confidence i can get behind

“I think people want to wait and see how we do against Florida, but I’m here to tell them that we’re going to beat them,” Tennessee defensive end Darrington Sentimore said. (via)

just look what he did with that gator-colored tackling dummy.

new gay couple alert

zachary quinto (aka spock and aka american horror story) and jonathan groff (aka jesse st james and aka spring awakening) are dating!

if i didnt already have the best boyfriend in the world i would be so jealous. via

"very sexual, very sensual, very casual"


love her.


are you watching "the new normal"?

i watched the pilot and thought it was just okay, then i watched the premiere and it was a laugh a minute. my favorite character is goggles. and also the puppy.

what are you doing tonight?

thomas wilhelm and joel and neil and i are going to watch what looks like it might be the scariest movie ever. if we never blog again, call the police because we're probably being tortured in my living room.

you know how sometimes you know you're going to post a video on your blog before you even hit play?


how sad.

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