06 January 2011

new britney drops tomorrow

and its going to sound exactly like this. probably.

DJ Pauly D loves Justin Bieber

I’m a huge Justin Bieber fan. I’m a “Belieber.” Sometimes I’ll drop his track. If I’m doing a Sweet Sixteen, I go crazy and play all his tracks. Sometimes I’ll slip one in and look back at my crew. They give me a hard time about it. I was actually him for Halloween. I put my hair all down in the front and rocked it.

adam levine. who knew.


crooked river - sufjan

snuffles and his brother marzuki! filmed this little documentary in 2006 chronicling their roadtrip reunion to michigan to meet their estranged father. film by kaleo la belle. all these names! sufjan can't stop being adorable.

kanye's monster with muppets

memphis 84 - tennessee 104

great job basketVOLS. you made those tigers look like kittens.
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